Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect yourself…. from your own thoughts - RUMI.

It was by incident that I bumped into a friend who her husband & son had just recovered from Covid-19. Allahu As-Syifa’, may Allah grant them and all of us syifa’ and strength to stay safe and healthy.

Her husband has always been an active guy. He would complete his 5-km jog every morning, and would make another round in the evening. He would eat healthy organic food. He would monitor his blood pressure and sugar intake. He would be as safe as possible especially during this pandemic. Therefore, I was surprised when I found out he was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Their son was also attacked with Covid-19. Alhamdulillah, they both have recovered and in a process adapting to life. Yup, I said life because I saw the effect shown in the husband - it has been a month since he was discharged, but he looked super thin and he was coughing every five words he uttered. He told us that he is still adjusting to breathing and things were worse with Covid-19.

And here I am, writing a short brief and shout out to all our dear Wirdora Lovers - protect yourself! The pandemic is real and not just something for us to let time passess by.

Dear Wirdora Lovers, listen to me, protect ourselves and everyone that matters. The best way to protect yourself is to encourage everyone to be able to protect themselves. Be proactive, take initiative.

In addition to washing your hands regularly, keeping your social distance, disinfecting, stay-at-home and many more, please don’t take it lightly to wear double masking!

Double masking is when you wear one mask on top of another. It helps improve the fit and filtration of your mask. The best way to double mask is to wear a cloth mask (and style it with Wirdora mask) over a surgical mask. Avoid any other mask combinations.

Recommendation to Wear Double-Protection Cloth Face Mask


Wirdora double mask kkm moh

As it is best to stay-at-home and avoid public places, I’m sure sometimes we just have to go outside for important errands. Should you have to, always remember to wear cloth face masks in public settings.

It is recommended to use cloth face masks rather than surgical masks or N95 respirators, as these critical supplies must be reserved for the frontliners. And the best way to wear cloth mask is to protect it with double-masking.

According to the MOH, an unknotted surgical mask able to block 56.1% dust, bacterias and viruses in the atmosphere from entering, while the cloth mask could block up to 51.4%.

With a correct wear of using the surgical mask, which should be tucked appropriately, and double protect it with a Wirdora cloth mask, you could block up to 85.4% dust, bacterias and viruses while breathing. This should give some comfort zone while you are out and about.

You won’t be able to protect yourself 100% for everything is in The Hand of  Allah Al-Mighty. But it is our responsibility to always be mindful and take care of ourselves.

And do remember to wash your cloth masks regularly after use. When removing it, just be careful not to touch your eyes, nose, and mouth. Wash hands immediately after removing.

Cloth face masks lower the risk of people without symptoms transmitting the virus through speaking, coughing, or sneezing. They’re better than not using any mask and offer some protection, especially where physical distancing is hard to maintain.

So, dear Wirdora Lovers, protect the people you love by protecting yourself.

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