Classy Hijab Style Accessories with Wirdora Rivoli Pin and Brooch


Haven't you heard? The Wirdora Rivoli pin and brooch is the perfect accessories range for a classy hijab style! In four evergreen colors, the authentic crystals encrusted Rivoli pins and brooches are perfect for a classy yet simple hijab style. The Wirdora Rivoli pins and brooches stole many hearts for it gives access to classy hijab styles instantly. Watch our showcase below so we can introduce Wirdora Rivoli to you.

The Wirdora Rivoli pins and brooches come in eleven precious stone colors:

  • Emerald
  • Scarlet (Ruby)
  • Montana (Sapphire)
  • Aurora Boreale
  • Light Rose
  • Blue Zircon
  • Black Diamond
  • Crystal
  • Light Amethyst
  • Paradise Shine
  • Amethyst

Embellished with authentic crystals in colors of precious stone that is naturally elegant, Wirdora Rivoli also ensures your hijab looks naturally neat and dressed. Have the confidence that your purchase is of authentic crystals. . A lady who knows quality will not be disappointed with the Wirdora Rivoli pins and brooches with its stainless steel pin and Rhodium plating for the casing of the brooch.

Wirdora Rivoli pin and brooch technical specification:

  • Pin material: Stainless Steel
  • Casing material: Rhodium Plated
  • Brooch material: Rhodium Plated
  • Pin length: 4.5cm

You can expect your Wirdora Rivoli pins and brooches to stand the test of time as stainless steel means durability in terms of strength and also wear/tear. Bear in mind that stainless steel is the same material that is used for building construction.

Not only does the stainless steel lend its strength in terms of durability, it also lends sophistication in its look. Being reflective in nature, the materials create an elegant impact on the wearer. Wirdora Rivoli sets its wearers to achieve a classy hijab style very easily.

Wirdora does not compromise the quality of its products. For instance, on the sharpness of the pins used to avoid damaging your hijab/clothes material. Wirdora's standard of sharpness, that is ‘needle-point’, ensures that you don’t have to worry about damaging your expensive clothes or hijab with the prick of the pin or brooch.



Say goodbye to damaged hijab and say hello to style!

Wirdora Rivoli pins and brooches are functional in every aspect of its design. For example, the length of the pin is made at 4.5cm. This is to ensure your hijab is secure in place. The length of the pin is specifically a third the length of an average sized face. This is done in careful consideration of the strength needed to style the hijab and keep it secure.

On the other hand, the size of the Wirdora Rivoli brooch holds the right amount of space to keep your hijab from falling off. The size of the brooch is also perfect to be used under the chin to frame your face beautifully. You can ‘stack’ multiple Wirdora Rivoli brooches on your clothes in a cluster. Without looking like you were trying too hard to impress.

Wirdora Rivoli brooch uses Rhodium as the casing. Rhodium is one of the precious metals that is highly reflective and less prone to tarnishing. This keeps your accessory looking new despite the number of years you’ve owned the Wirdora Rivoli brooch. Not only that, the Rhodium content minimizes allergy reaction to metals on your skin. Say goodbye to discomfort under the chin with Wirdora Rivoli brooch!

Wirdora knows that its wearers are professionals who need accessories that are functional and help them look their best. Wirdora takes pride in accessorizing women while giving their wearers the best value for their money. The Rivoli pin retails at RM42 each and the Rivoli brooch retails at RM 48 each.



Wirdora Rivoli price:

  • Pin RM42 each
  • Brooch RM48 each

Each Rivoli pin consists of a round  crystal, encircled with chaton crystals. The simple round design lets each Rivoli pin carry elegance with simplicity. Pairing a Rivoli pin with a premium hijab brings out the best in both. A premium soft satin hijab against an encrusted pin that is sturdy and keeps your hijab in place is what a professional lady needs so that she carry herself confidently throughout the day.

Which lady wouldn’t love receiving a Wirdora Rivoli set as a gift? It speaks volumes about the appreciation from the giver. The choice of gift that is classy and of good quality. Let a big sparkly smile complement the sparkles from Wirdora Rivoli products.

A professional woman would appreciate intricate beauty with functional capabilities. Check out a pair of Wirdora Rivoli pins in Scarlet and a Rivoli brooch in Scarlet boxed as a gift here.

Not only is the Wirdora Rivoli a perfect gift for birthdays or anniversaries, it is also suitable as a part of gifts to the bride for wedding and engagement. This is because the design of Wirdora Rivoli is evergreen. Just imagine owning a Wirdora Rivoli pin and brooch for more than 10 years!

Perfect occasions for Wirdora Rivoli as a gift to your loved ones:
  • Part of wedding gifts to bride
  • Engagement gift
  • Anniversary gift
  • Birthday gift
  • Appreciation gift



Wirdora is very confident with the quality of the Rivoli pins and brooches that each product comes with a 1-year warranty. Just contact Wirdora shall any of the crystals lose off from its paved setting. Wirdora will be happy to fix your beloved accessory back into its original form. Wirdora knows that even when one crystal falls off, it results in the entire accessory looking undone. Rest assured Wirdora will bring your Rivoli pin or brooch back to life!

Now we are curious to hear from you. Do you own any hijab accessory that you use over many many times because it seem to give the desired results every time? Let us know in the Comment section. We would love to hear you hijab styling stories, styling problems or simply share to us your fool-proof hijab styling tips!

Here at Wirdora, we are your stylist as well as your supporter!


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