Wirdora Sweet Heart Brooch in Colors

Crystal Heart in Wirdora Hijab Accessory

Notice the Crystal Heart is used often in Wirdora hijab accessory? That's because the Crystal heart shaped hijab accessory by Wirdora is in high demand by #WirdoraLovers due to its soft, feminine and romantic outlook. Wirdora chooses the Crystal Sweet Heart Fancy Stone crystal as the epicenter of many of their hijab accessory designs. The use of Crystal Heart crystals in Wirdora hijab accessory translate into irresistible designs that swoon its wearers. Femininity has a lot to do with capturing the heart.

Doing work that is emotionally engaging. Creating impact that is emotionally lifting. And, influencing optimistic emotional outcomes. Women lead with the heart they say - with their hearts on their sleeves, intuitively and empathically. It’s no wonder Wirdora hijab accessories adorned with Crystal Sweet Heart Fancy Stone is high on list of the most sought items from Wirdora.

Heart shaped accessories carry fun vibes, sweetness and a girlish punch that may subtly disarm any potential negativity. Wirdora hijab accessories, when paired with a woman’s smile is a weapon. Or a shield that could flutter away any gloom. Pair that smile with the twinkle from the authentic Crystal Sweet Heart Fancy Stone crystal, you get a miraculous wonder woman donning Wirdora hijab accessories. Feast your eyes, feed your confidence and swoon others with these three products from Wirdora hijab accessories that feature the Sweet Heart Fancy Stone.

  1. Libelle Brooch
  2. Sweet Heart Brooch
  3. Sweet Heart Pin

The Sweet Heart Crystal is Asymmetry by Design

 The Sweet Heart Fancy Stone is asymmetry by design, creating a modern and young outlook. As with high quality, the Sweet Heart Fancy Stone has multiple facets of precisely cut angles. Furthermore, the Sweet Heart Fancy Stone boasts a myriad geometrical cuts on its surface. With each rhombus, each pentagon and each triangle of different sizes offer varying brilliance. In fact, the overlapping cuts from the foiled back of the Sweet Heart Fancy Stone creates depth in the shadows amidst the brilliance. It is the identical facets yet in different reflective directions that is at the forefront of each crystal. The line where the facets meet is where the reflective directions would divert.

Wirdora Hijab Accessories Uses Authentic Crystals

Wirdora hijab accessories only use authentic crystals for their products. Each Wirdora accessory comes with a quality seal tag from Wirdora. Therefore, Wirdora offers warranty on all its items. Where warranty for Standard items are covered for four months and warranty for Luxe items are covered for one year. Find out more about Wirdora authenticity and warranty here



High Quality Cut, Color and Brilliance Crystals

Make no mistake that the Sweet Heart Fancy Stone crystal design is of the highest quality in terms of cut, brilliance and colour. The multiple facets bounce light wherever you go to complement your smile and your zest for life. The heart beats with its each glimmer and sheen. In the Libelle brooch, two Sweet Heart Fancy Stone crystals take center stage as the wings of a majestic dragonfly. Five lined crystals separating the two Sweet Heart Fancy Stones create more drama as it glisten with sparkle. 18K Rose Gold finishes the brooch with utmost luxury, to suit its wearer.The Sweet Heart Brooch has a place in all ladies’ heart in its delicate shape. That's because ladies with a refined taste in jewellery will appreciate the facets and precision cuts that speaks of crystals timeless quality.

As the Sweet Heart Brooch lends an air of prettiness, it also functions as a mode to keep your hijab in place. That's why Wirdora believes that function should come with style. All geared and ready to sweep you off your feet is the Sweet Heart Pin. Its simple yet functional design brings out the best of your hijab by keeping it in place while ensuring no prick hole is left on your hijab. The Sweet Heart Pin is outstanding as a hijab pin and is an excellent choice to accompany you on your big day. Trust us, the Wirdora Sweet Heart Pin will not let you down!


Now we would like to hear from you. Which crystal embellishment do you love the most on Wirdora hijab accessories? We would like to know what you think. And while you’re at that, what is your favourite Wirdora hijab accessory that you cannot live without? Do let us know so that we can serve you better! Us at Wirdora, we are your personal hijab stylist and also your life supporter!

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