Feeling Fantastically Fabulous with February Birthstone

Feeling Fantastically Fabulous with February Birthstone

This article is written to serve product knowledge sharing and promotional purposes only. A Muslim must believe that everything is in the Hands of Allah and is obliged to rely only on Allah only.  Please note that Islam forbade wearing of any gemstones which accompanied with a corrupt belief, like believing that it prevents evil eye or magic, or prevents the harm of the devil.


WIrdora February Birthstone Hijab Accessories

Wow! In a glimpse of an eye - one month has passed and here we are welcoming February. For whatever it is, feeling fabulous is all you need to boost up your tired exhaustive self and just stay safe. Especially for the February Babies, light up, gear up, and get ready to celebrate.

February filled with celebrations. Starting with the world celebrating the month of February with World Hijab Day,  we should take the honour to celebrate it in style, and of course, shariah-compliance as well.

Of course, being in a country as diversified as Malaysia, we should also take the opportunity to greet well wishers to our Chinese families and friends as they are welcoming the New Lunar Year this month.

For whatever occasions of the month, just reward yourself with what Wirdora February Specials has onboard for you. If you are the February babies or shopping for that special someone of yours, birthstones could be a perfect idea to start with.


WIrdora February Birthstone Amethyst Hijab Accessories Malaysia


The February Babies and Their Favourite Birthstone

As exquisite as it is, amethyst is a beautiful violet birthstone to reward and give oneself or anyone. In the European countries, the stunning amethyst quartz reflects the symbol of soberness, intoxicatedness, and calmness.

Those who bear the amethyst stones would synergize with serenity for strengthens relationships and courage to keep on going and be resilient. The gorgeous colours of amethyst give the wearer sense of clear-headed vision that could lead to enhance intelligence and increase in wisdom.

On top of being the February birthstones, Amethyst also used to symbolize the sixth and 17th years of anniversaries. Just perfect timing to buy Wirdora Amethyst Birthstone collection today!

Feeling Fabulous With Wirdora’s Favourites February  Birthstones Collection

Here’s my personal top 5 favourites birthstone collection for the February to fantastically feeling terrifically fabulous for great gift rewards:

#1 Azalea Amethyst Brooch

Wirdora Azalea Brooch Hijab Accessories Malaysia Hawa Rizawana

Fancy yet classy, the Azalea brooch is an abstract cross between butterfly and flower figuras. The two teardrops combination of gorgeous amethyst and sparkling crystals will surely win every hearts looking at it.  

#2 Inara Amethyst and Light Amethyst (Limited Edition) Brooch


Wirdora Inara Brooch Hijab Accessories MalaysiaWirdora Inara Brooch Hijab Accessories


Who wouldn’t fall in love with this beautiful and sophisticated teardrop sparkling Inara? Of course, we do have the amethyst Inara too and both are insanely beautiful. Couldn’t decide which one to pick for a perfect gift? My suggestion would be - take BOTH!:)

#3 All Time Favourite Amethyst Set


Wirdora Set All Time Favourite Hijab Accessories Set


Hey first-timer buyer, look what you’ve been missing all this while! Not to worry, if this is your first experience with Wirdora, our All Time Favourite Amethyst Set will surely not fails you. But I do apologise if you’ve regret not getting it earlier… this set is HOT STUFF!

Wirdora Cutepin Butterfly Hijab Accesories Malaysia


Don your hijab with this cute butterfly amethyst pin to give a touch of classy styling with your hijab. And here’s a tip - you can wear more than one pin at a time and still look elegant. So, reward yourself and buy more than one pin to prove the point that ‘yes, less is more, but there’s nothing wrong for more when you want more!’

#5 Papillon Amethyst Buckle


Wirdora Papillon Scarf Buckle Hijab Accessories Malaysia  


This one needs no introduction. The scarf buckle has always been less favourable not because it is not the trend, it just that the ladies out there are too scared to express themselves. I’m encouraging all the hijabis out there to express yourself in any comfortable way that you would like people to see you and start by this Papillon Buckle as a statement to those onlookers. So, what stopping you?

Of course, there’s more selection for the Amethyst babies, and also the February Specials than what has been listed above. Just thought you would like to check it out yourself from our Wirdora Warriors or get it online. Do follow us on our social media channel, Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wirdoraofficial/), facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wirdora) or visit our website (https://wirdora-hq.myshopify.com/) for details of the product range.





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