Grab Your Wirdora with GrabMart

Grab Your Wirdora with GrabMart

Being in style with Wirdora just got more convenient with GrabMart. Answering the demands and requests from #WirdoraLovers, we are now registered as a Grab Merchant! Now your hijab styling accessories can arrive as soon as you place your order. No more reason to leave the house looking less than your best.

Isn’t this good news?

For those moments when no brooch seems to match your hijab, moments when your pin decides to give up on you and breaks, or just those moments when you see something you like and need to have now, now, now - Wirdora makes it possible with GrabMart. Rest assured that the prices are the same as on our website. Getting your hands on Wirdora hijab accessories just got easier with GrabMart. 

Fast, Safe, and Reliable Delivery to Your Doorstep

Experience the fast, easy, safe, and reliable delivery service right to your front door, for your newly purchased Wirdora hijab accessories. Peace of mind is important as Wirdora hijab accessories are precious and expensive.  But our delivery partner, Grab, has that part covered with up to RM500 insurance. Similar to Wirdora’s quality of hijab accessories, we expect no less from our fellow partners.

The best thing about Wirdora as a GrabMerchant is the access it gives to a huge range of hijab-friendly facemask that is available as and when you need it. Evidently, we are all newbies when it comes to curating our personal collection of hijab-friendly facemasks, we find ourselves at times feeling the need for instant delivery of hijab-friendly face mask that matches our style right before we leave the house. 

At times as such - Wirdora, your faithful companion - has all details covered for you.

You Can Have Your Wirdora NOW, NOW, NOW!

This is also for the times when Wirdora launches a new line of accessories. With items being sold-out as soon as they’re released, it is best to grab your eye candy as soon as you can. Take this from our frustrated customers who missed the chance to secure a brooch or pin that they wanted. It is known that Wirdora releases very limited quantities of products in order to ensure quality. With Wirdora as a GrabMerchant now, that should be a thing in the past.

Imagine frowning over your hijab accessories collection as you have nothing to perfectly secure your hijab on your shoulder for your new sky blue hijab. You just know that the Kyra brooch in Crystal Aurora Boreale is a perfect match for it. Now imagine having that Kyra brooch delivered to you in 30 minutes if you live in the Klang Valley. You can say that Wirdora makes your wish come true!

A Good Way to Collect GrabRewards

Purchasing Wirdora has more rewards when you choose to buy via GrabMart. Not only do you receive your purchased item as soon as you order, but you also can collect more points for your GrabRewards. This way, you reap double wins! Enjoy Lazada vouchers and many others where you can possibly purchase more Wirdora products to build your hijab accessories collection. We at Wirdora, love giving our #WirdoraLovers the best!

If charity is more of what you’re after, you may donate your GrabRewards for underprivileged communities. This way, shopping with Wirdora not only makes you look good, but it also makes you feel good. We’re happy to present you with the opportunity to do more good deeds, insyaAllah.


Hassle-free Shopping

Avoid crowded malls for your last minute shopping by purchasing via GrabMart. COVID19 has brought such unprecedented times, where the best option is to stay at home as much as possible. With GrabMart, there is no need to worry about your last minute shopping as Grab will deliver your Wirdora items safely to you as soon as purchasing is done.

Besides having your Wirdora item reach you the soonest possible, it can also be the best method to surprise a friend or your mother on their birthday. You can rely on Wirdora and Grab to make the experience special for your loved ones. Just as our motto - Wirdora, Your Faithful Companion - we give our best so you can rely on us.

‘Grab’ Your Wirdora at GrabMart Now

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Wirdora straight from GrabMart to receive your coveted Wirdora accessories in 30 minutes! Make best use of the Free Delivery promo (for orders more than RM25) in January 2021. Now you can wear your Wirdora as soon as it reaches your doorsteps. No more delay, ‘Unleash Your Sparkles’ is the way with Wirdora.

Wirdora is happy to bring you joy, faster so that you can enjoy your Wirdora accessories as soon as you purchase them. Us at Wirdora, we are always keen to improve our methods of delivery to our customers as we understand the customer’s need for a short wait-time between payment and receiving the goods.

That said, Wirdora is also all ears shall you encounter any undesired experience when purchasing via GrabMart or have a complaint. Rest assured, Wirdora takes #WirdoraLovers purchasing experience very seriously and we would love to hear from you. Similarly, do let us know too if you have a positive experience with our new partner, Grab!

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