Keep on Fighting, Awesome August!

Keep on Fighting, Awesome August!

This article is written to serve product knowledge sharing and promotional purposes only. A Muslim must believe that everything is in the Hands of Allah and is obliged to rely only on Allah only.  Please note that Islam forbade wearing of any gemstones which accompanied with a corrupt belief, like believing that it prevents evil eye or magic, or prevents the harm of the devil.

Wirdora ogos august baby brooch hijab accessories

I learned a new word last week. ‘Augmentation’, which means the action or process of making or becoming greater in size or amount. Personally, I find it very strong and inspiring, especially when it comes to times when we have to face difficulties and obstacles - just keep on improving and augment yourself rather than being disheartened with the conditions!

So, August is here! We’ve gone so far so strong, so, what makes you should stop now?

“You augment your strength every time you overcome obstacles. Discover and use that unique potential you have in coping well in a positive way no matter how worse the situation can be.”

August is all about being awe-inspiring, strengthening your belief and amplifying your hopes and abilities. No wonder the Western agreed to take up Peridot stone as the classic August birthstone, just fitting well with the month.

The classic August birthstone, peridot, is a brilliant green gem with a history as bold as its colour. The intensity of its colour depends on the amount of iron; the more iron it contains, the deeper green it will be (and, generally, the more valuable).

Peridot is both a day stone and a night stone, keeping its shining color even under artificial lighting. For this reason, it is sometimes called “Evening Emerald”.


Wirdora august ogos baby brooch hijab accessories


In relation to its beautiful unique bright green, Peridot is associated with harmony, good health, restful sleep, and peacefulness.  I guess this explains most of the August babies characters which are full of compassion and love peace. The birthstone,peridot, calms anger by giving renewal to all things.

While most green would be related to jealousy and envious evil eyes, August birthstones is far from the thought. Peridot is believed to help reduce depression.

So, if you happen to know any August babies, those who own calmness and peacefulness within themselves, get them the Peridot birthstones from Wirdora in the form of brooches, pins and such. Trust me, it reflects the genuinity within yourself and the wearer.

The bright cheerful neon green will never be too much or one will never get too overdressed having one, two or even three Peridot pins and brooches from Wirdora.

The strikingly beautiful colours reflect strength in the softer way, and giving up would be the last one should think of doing when their eyes lie on the stone. The effect touches the wearer’s heart just as smooth as it touches everyone's eyes.

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