Wirdora Kyra Brooch

Kyra Brooch by Wirdora

The Inspiration behind The Name

The name Kyra carries the meaning of ‘good deeds’. As do good intentions, the Kyra Brooch carries the heart symbol to relay the meaning of its name. In Greek, the name Kyra means ‘throne’. To rule a kingdom, a household, or even to rule your day - putting your heart at the center of your action and decision is an aspiration we strive for. That’s because the heart is the center of emotions, which is love. Unconditional love, empathy, and compassion always win in the long run.

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Bermuda Blue The name Kyra also aspires to moral excellence. The clarity of shine at the center of the Xilion Heart Pendant  speaks of pure intentions. With close observation, you would notice that the clear center forms a diagonal square that is made of tiny triangles in differing hues. The most accurate depiction of good deeds that are carried by a myriad of good intentions. Exactly the meaning the name Kyra is all about.

Kyra Design

To do justice to the Xilion Heart Pendant , the Kyra Brooch by Wirdora has 24 chaton crystals encircling the beautiful stone. This authentic crystal features a design full of brilliance with 16 meticulously-cut facets on each side of the pendant. Unlike the asymmetric Fancy Heart Stone , the Xilion Heart Pendant is of perfect symmetry. The perfect lines reflect light rays from the middle of the stone, uninterrupted, to the edges of the special brooch by Wirdora.

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Crystal AB

White gold plating is chosen for Kyra to enhance the light-play  crystals. Other than that, it is to ensure no skin-allergy reaction occurs when using the Kyra Brooch by Wirdora. The choice of plating for each Wirdora accessory is carefully chosen to make the best of the color and cuts of your hijab jewelry. The addition of a single chaton crystal at the top curve of the Heart simply breathes life into the Kyra Brooch. You could almost feel the Heart’s heartbeat from its sparkles!

Kyra Craftsmanship

True to Wirdora’s design philosophy, each accessory design is well-thought and undergoes a strict quality check. With its super-sharp pin that will not snag at your premium hijab, you can expect better returns from your collection of hijabs as well. Not only that, Wirdora ensures their brooches clasp the hijab fabric in place for the right thickness. As for the Kyra Brooch by Wirdora, the brooch clasp can hold the amount of hijab fabric on the shoulder. A well-thought-out design for the pin and the clasp features ensure the pin doesn’t damage your precious hijab, even after extended use of the hijab.

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Rose Peach

This is because Wirdora understands that the function of the pin is just as important as the beautiful design of their hijab jewelry. Although the pin is not visible, it should be well-made for it to function well and be non-obtrusive. Each pin from Wirdora has a QC to ensure that the pin is secure and non-wobbly. Such a reliable mechanism ensures your Wirdora hijab jewelry does its job well to keep your hijab the way you want it.

Kyra Colors

The Kyra Brooch from Wirdora comes in seven interesting colors to match your ensemble. Although it would be correct to say that some #WirdoraLovers match their clothes to their accessories and not the other way around! Considering the mouth-watering colors the Kyra Brooch comes in, we might all need a see-through panel for our Wirdora hijab accessories so we can choose our accessories before choosing our clothes. You might want to get The Kyra Brooch in all colors if that’s the case.

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Sapphire AB

  1. Vitrail
  2. Sapphire Aurore Boreale
  3. Rose Peach
  4. Crystal Aurore Boreale
  5. Bermuda Blue
  6. Silver Night
  7. Vitrail Light
  8. Light Siam

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Silver Night

Each color carries various hues that reflect light differently from different angles. Vitrail will remind you of the Autumn season with the hues of fallen leaves and wispy winds. The Kyra Brooch in Sapphire Aurore Boreale takes you back to your teenage years of fun and commitment-less obsession with superstars on TV, how carefree! Rose Peach would make the best companion for your beige hijabs as this color has brownish undertones. Yet, the easiest to match with any color would always be the Crystal Aurore Boreale. Bermuda Blue will remind you of your dreams and aspirations with its icy cool color. While Silver Night whispers cool air as you wear the Kyra Brooch in this color. Last but not least, the Kyra Brooch in Vitrail Light that you can’t help falling in love with the color.

Styling Kyra

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Vitrail Light

The Kyra Brooch is like other accessories by Wirdora, versatile and styles your hijab effortlessly. Whether on the shoulder or on the side of the head, the authentic Xilion Heart Pendant will bring light to your look. Some might prefer the Kyra Brooch on a jacket lapel, or to keep the edges of a bawal headscarf together to cover the chest area modestly. It can even be used to dress a plain formal shirt for some chic touch. As far as styling goes, the Kyra Brooch by Wirdora has endless possibilities. And while you’re at that, why not try to use the Kyra Brooch upside-down and see how the heart shape is now the shape of a leaf? We all love things that we can use in many ways creatively!

Wirdora Kyra Brooch Vitrail

Us at Wirdora, we are happy to serve #WirdoraLovers with better creations that give value-added benefits. Because just like you, we are also hijab wearers and we know what hijab wearers want. If there is anything that you think hijab wearers need to address our styling issues, please let us know! We would like to hear from you! As our motto goes - Wirdora, your faithful companion.

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