Living with The Pandemic with Wirdora Face Mask

Living with The Pandemic with Wirdora Face Mask

“Have pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go. But don’t forget to enjoy the journey.” 2020 has been a testimony of the above quote, challenging us all mentally, physically, and financially. Us at Wirdora are also affected but we are moving headstrong into the pandemic season with our stylish and safe face masks. Wirdora Face Masks have been in the market since April 2020 and we’ve received positive feedback from our #WirdoraLovers who are in need of reliable, washable, and stylish face masks as they go about their day, living with the pandemic.

As a hijab styling expert, Wirdora has always put substance and style on a pedestal of their design. This design philosophy is used for all our hijab accessory designs and that includes the Wirdora Face Masks. Recently, Wirdora released their very own face mask in their efforts to help flatten the curve so that people could move forward with the pandemic. Wirdora Chic Series Face Mask is specially made for the fashionable hijabi who puts quality and good design at the forefront of the style.

Wirdora Face Mask Keeps You Safe

The Wirdora Chic Series is a fully upgraded version of our previous face masks. That’s because the Chic Series comes with a slip-pocket for filter films, made with more superior materials, and designed as a single-tie especially for hijabis. The upgrade comes as we learn and adapt to what works and what can be improved. Wirdora believes in continuous improvement and strives for the best to serve their customers.

Wirdora Face Mask Chic Series Type 1

Water repellent fabric used for the Chic Series is certified and approved by the Bereau Veritas Singapore for its anti-microbial properties. On top of that, the Intertek Testing Service Pte Ltd Singapore certifies and approves the fabric for its water repellency. Both features are important in ensuring the health safety of #WirdoraLovers when going out in public. We are fully aware that #WirdoraLovers are independent women who are brave to face the pandemic, yet smart to shield themselves with protective gears.

Wirdora intends to fully support women who are breadwinners, who refuse to let the pandemic break their intent in performing excellent work in their careers. The birth of the Wirdora Face Mask is inspired by the stories of such women and Wirdora hijab accessories suit the styling needs of such women.

Look Good in A Mask

The safety of the mask wearer is of utmost importance, but it is Wirdora’s belief that safety doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Taking essential hijab styling into account, Wirdora designs the face mask with a single tie to keep styling simple and effective. The single-tie design is held by two angled bands that keep the mask snug and comfortable on the face. The aesthetic of a face mask’s design is in the way it marries function and fashion in Wirdora’s face masks.

The Chic Series comes in a range of beautiful colors to suit your clothes, or to suit your skin tone. Black, Navy Blue, Charcoal, Beige, Peony, and Rose are the colors available for Chic Series. And not only that, the Chic Series is available in four types of embellishment design to suit your fancy. Each type of embellishment follows the original Wirdora Face Masks here but is added with one more design that hits femininity right at its spot.

Wirdora Face Mask Chic Series Type 4

Meet the Wirdora Face Mask Type 4 that you can wear on a date with your man, or for a girly coffee catch-up session with your girlfriends. The added 3D butterfly crystal and pearls add more fun to your day out, especially for the mandatory we-fies when meeting up with friends. Wirdora won’t let the pandemic stop you from living your best life. As our saying goes - Wirdora, Your Faithful Companion.

Comfort + Style = Confidence

Wirdora understands that hijab styling roots in the need to be modest and comfortable. A modest Muslimah is not self-conscious of her attire, feels confident that her modesty allows her best characters to shine through. That said, comfort is a must in modest Muslimah fashion. Which is why Wirdora has done the homework for you and designs accessories that keep your hijab in place so that you are free with your movements.

The fine details that make Wirdora the perfect accessory for hijabi is also translated in its face mask design. The Chic Series also offers the use of a stopper for its single-tie to make mask wearing more convenient for hijabi. Not only that, the fabric used is well-ventilated and will not skimp your style by fogging up your sunglasses! The comfort of hijabi with spectacles are also included in the thought of Wirdora design in its Chic Series Face Mask.


Do you already own a Chic Series Face Mask from Wirdora? Tell us your favorite color or let us know what colors you want us to release in the future. Us at Wirdora, we are you hijab styling expert and your biggest supporter in life to let you ‘Unleash Your Sparkles!’

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