Make Your Wirdora Sparkle Last: Tips To Care And Clean Your Jewelry

Make Your Wirdora Sparkle Last: Tips To Care And Clean Your Jewelry

I love watching the stars in the deep sky just to see they sparkle. I love glitters and sparkles. I guess that explains why I’m in this business, I am the consumer first, only the seller. I sell what I consume and what I want to consume. So, when my sparkles don’t spark as much, it saddened me.

I’ve been experimenting and observing the best care and tips to clean and keep the sparkle of my jewellery so that I could share with my fellow Wirdora Lovers.


Before we proceed, do know that your Wirdora jewellery especially that beautiful Wirdora piece of yours are original crystals that are individually crafted and the metals are delicately plated. Therefore, you’ll need to put extra care when using them, wearing them, cleaning them and even storing them. 

But do note that putting extra care of your jewellery does not have to be expensive. Here are some tips on how you could take care of them:

#1 Storing Your Jewellery

Wirdora put extra attention in storing our jewellery and so must you. That’s why we supplement our product with a not only beautiful and classy case to keep the pins or brooches you bought from us, but also, the casing is to be used to store the pins and brooches after using them. You can also keep them in a soft pouch to avoid scratches.



#2 Be Mindful of Your Jewellery While Doing Daily Routine

Applying products like perfume, sprays, lotion and others could harm the metal of your jewellery. The effect might not be instant. Yet, in a long term, you would observe discolouration and make the crystal dull. Therefore, be mindful when doing daily routine so that it doesn’t affect the jewellery you are using.

#3 Avoid contact with water or hard contact

Water could make the metal plate dull and knocking hard on objects can even scratch or chip the crystal, even though the crystal quality is no doubt at its best. You just want to be sure that you’ve taken care of your beloved belonging at its best.

#4 Don your jewellery last and take it off first 

Well, perhaps you will always put your pins and brooches last when you are dressing up and taking it off first when you are undressing. Yet, sometimes you might overlook.

#5 Polish your jewellery with Wirdora Sparkle Drops

Yes, you need to clean it and polish your jewellery frequently. That’s why we do have a special ‘miracle’ solution that could help to bring the sparkles just like the Day 1 you bought your jewellery, and definitely keep your pins and brooches last as it should be.

It’s cheap maintenance, not time-consuming and you can do it yourself as simple as ABC. Just pour the solution in a small container, soak the gem well and shake it. Next, you need to dip the cotton bud into the solution and lightly brush off the dirt away. Pat it with a soft cloth and dry it so that it could maintain its original, lustrous finish.

Just like our skin, we want our Wirdora to shine bright for last. Therefore, we encourage all the Wirdora lovers to have a go with this special Wirdora Sparkle Drops and the best thing is that it is not limited only to Wirdora products but also extended to all the jewellery collections that you would want to make it shine bright like your smile.

So, hit on and get one bottle for yourself!

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