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Official Wirdora HQ Showroom Launch and The Face of Wirdora 2020

On 14th March 2020, the well-ventilated voluminous tents were abuzz with excited guests, gushing over the door gifts placed at their seats. The garden themed crystal studded event by Wirdora was by-invite only, in observing the strict protocols outlined by the authorities amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The launch of the Wirdora HQ Showroom and the appearance of The Face of Wirdora were much awaited by the invitees. The emcee opened the event with the background story of Wirdora. , and Wirdora's recent appearance at the London Fashion Week earlier this year.
Wirdora Showroom launch adhered to the health and safety practices outlined by authorities.
The event organizers took precautionary health and safety measures despite the excitement. Guests received reminders of hygiene best practices, also reiterated by the emcee of the event, as well as hand sanitizers being made available for guests to keep their hands clean. Wirdora HQ Showroom Launch - Founder Speech 2 Puan Wirdalina was called upon for a speech, as the Founder of Wirdora. She thanked everyone for the support received since day one. Her speech touched about how Wirdora had a humble beginning in 2016 as a home based business and how the brand had grown. She also recounted on her experience having Wirdora on the international runways in London recently. Puan Wirdalina expressed her gratitude and appreciation to those present and for trusting the Wirdora brand.
Announcement of The Face of Wirdora 2020.
As a brand trusted with quality, Wirdora announced their official brand ambassador, Miss Hawa Rizwana Ahmed Redzuan, who is an esteemed news anchor with TV3. As The Face of Wirdora 2020, Miss Hawa carries the qualities of the quintessential Wirdora lady. A career lady who is empowered by her faith to live her life to the fullest. Her hijab does not limit her career and active lifestyle. In fact, with Wirdora as a faithful companion, it allows her to thrive in her choice of lifestyle. Miss Hawa's sister in-law had introduced her to Wirdora hijab jewelleries. She too, fell in love with the quality of the products. Being The Face of Wirdora 2020, she intends to post more hijab self-styling on social media. As an independent lady, Miss Hawa enjoys an active lifestyle. She sees that Wirdora hijab jewellery suits her need to look presentable, professional and stylish as a hijab wearer. Wirdora Showroom Launch - Founder and Face of Wirdora Moving on, to further entice the afternoon of sparkly affair was the runway show. The crowd enjoyed the exclusive showcase of Wirdora as models strutted on the catwalk, studded with Wirdora hijab jewellery. The models adorned exclusive Wirdora by CT Canting hand painted shawls and scarves. All eyes on the breath-taking collection.
Exclusive catwalk showcasing Wirdora hijab jewelleries.
Intricate hand painted designs on crisp and smooth silk. Adorned with Wirdora hijab jewellery, heavily encrusted with authentic crystals. The guests were in awe with the beauty of the designs, and also the high quality of craftsmanship by Wirdora. The catwalk show featured Wirdora hijab jewellery from London Fashion Week; the regal Rafflesia brooch, the versatile Rossa pendant, the sassy Diana earrings, and the timeless Dahlia brooch. The convertible Miranda and Zahra scarf ring, were featured as both scarf ring and fashion ring, while the Andika studs for Baju Melayu which can also be used as cuff links - all in their glorious cluster of authentic chaton crystals. With the official signing of The Face of Wirdora 2020, the event proceeded with the highlight of the day. The important hearts and souls behind the Wirdora brand stood in a line to grace the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Both mothers of the Founders shared the stage to honor the launch. Together with Miss Hawa, Puan Wirdalina Tauhed and Encik Khairool Anwar Laksamana, the grand launch of the Wirdora HQ Showroom was officiated. The supportive guests applauded, snapping photos and recording videos to capture the moment. The strong engagement between the guests showed the open values Wirdora carries as a brand and company. The guests comfortably mingled and chatted with one another throughout the event as if they had always been friends. Wirdora Showroom Launch - Wirdora Warriors
A closed press release session held after the launch of Wirdora HQ Showroom.
The newly launched showroom housed a press release session. Other than that, to have a closer look at the detailed craftsmanship of Wirdora hijab jewellery. Each item on display caught light naturally and sparkled to the amazement of the guests. The guest nodded in approval as they scrutinized each Wirdora product to inspect the design and quality. The Wirdora team was happy with the smooth sailing event. The turnout was great and the COVID-19 precautions adhered by the team and guests. This proved that cooperation was paramount in holding a health and safety conscious event. The Wirdora Team couldn’t be happier that the event received the greatest support. Especially from the Wirdora Stockists and Ambassadors, the media and invited guests. In fact, the event managed to wrap up within the stipulated time to minimize the exposure of guests to any risk of sickness. Wirdora HQ Founders Wirdora now welcomes the public to the Wirdora HQ Showroom. Especially those who would like to experience the sparkle and dazzle of Wirdora hijab jewellery for themselves. Visit the Wirdora HQ Grand Showroom at Jalan Ampang Utama 1/1, open on Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

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