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Office Hijab Style with Wirdora

How many seconds does it take to look fabulous for the office? Let Wirdora show you how the office hijab style is done in a video! All you need is a Wirdora circle brooch, a Wirdora circle pin and Wirdora Papillon scarf ring and ONE MINUTE, then you're all set for your office, styled with Wirdora. Getting ready in the morning should be something that can be done in a jiffy. Hassle-free and most importantly, easily. The morning rush with Wirdora hijab accessories shall propel you to leave the door in no time.

Have you experience this: You had a late night, putting in final touches on your presentation. But then you woke up late and and need to spend a long time styling your hijab to make it look presentable for your meeting!

Wirdora hijab accessories help you get ready in less than a minute!

No self-respecting lady has time for this! We need all the support we can to ensure we leave the house looking our best, with very minimal down-time. Especially in the morning. Let Wirdora support you in the hijab style department, so you can focus on giving your best to your family and your job.

Hijab style should be easy, fun and stress-free. Wirdora gives you the convenience and style, and you’re all set to face any challenge at your work place.

In the video below, three Wirdora accessories is used:

  1. Circle brooch by Wirdora
  2. Circle pin by Wirdora
  3. Papillon Scarf Ring by Wirdora

These three items allows you to be ready in your office hijab style in under one minute.

Are you ready to see the Wirdora magic?

A confident Wirdora woman exudes the intelligence of a self-assured woman who knows her worth. And one who knows she had built herself from hard work and effort. Looking frumpy is not an option and so is spending too much time in front of the mirror. That is why many career women trust Wirdora hijab accessories to represent their style and to keep their hijab in place.

Quality characteristics of Wirdora accessories.

Wirdora accessories are built with characteristics to support its wearer with her day-to-day activities. The pin length is designed at 4.5cm long, which is one third the length of a normal sized face, to support the hijab to stay in place. Any slinky hijab material is compatible with Wirdora as its pin’s sharpness is second to none. With their high standard of ‘sharp as a needle-point’ leaves no prick-mark on your expensive hijab. Not only that, Wirdora pins are made using highly durable stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about your pin getting rusty through wear and tear.

We are hijab wearers too and here’s our advice: Have some Wirdora accessories at hand, it takes care of your hijab style for you!


Wirdora hijab accessories allows you one less thing to worry about – keeping your hijab style spick and span. Your hijab neatly secured in place. The sparkles from its original crystals serve to exude your fine taste in quality. Wirdora only uses authentic crystals for its products, more information on that can be read here.

According to French stylist, Alois Guinut in her book Dress Like A Parisian, ‘Have a hint of sparkle in your ensemble’ as a finishing touch to your style. Attract a little natural light to yourself. This is done in a subtle way by the precise facet cuts of authentic  crystals. The light reflected back by original  crystals is not distracting, yet punctuates elegance in the taste of its wearer.

The French always have a little sparkle in their look.

Hints of light reflecting from a Wirdora wearer, with the office hijab style neatly in place is all a career woman needs, so she doesn’t have to worry about her appearance. A self-assured woman is a confident woman. Let the high quality and reliable Wirdora hijab accessories help you with that. The special touch in this office hijab style with Wirdora hijab accessories is the use of Papilon scarf ring. Made using 18K Rose Gold with 60 chaton crystals in two different sizes encircle and emphasized with a multi-faceted butterfly crystal. Wirdora’s functional design of the scarf ring complements the top-notch materials used in the creation of Wirdora products.


The flat design of the back of the scarf ring, allows your precious Papillon to stay in place on your hijab while you go through your busy schedule. Papillon will not slide through your hijab and this allows control to your hijab style, leaving you one less thing to worry about. The weight of its 18K Rose Gold material also functions as a means to keep your hijab in place, as 18K Rose Gold contains copper that is one of the heavy precious metals.

You may read more on the Wirdora Papillon scarf ring here and catch another tutorial.

Wirdora is created by women, for women.

Wirdora understand the needs for functional fashion in styling for professional woman. For that, Wirdora caters especially for hijab wearers. Wirdora aspire to see more professional woman embrace the hijab with confidence with the help of Wirdora hijab accessories to serve as a stylish means to keep women’s hijab neat and professional.

Wirdora believes that all woman is beautiful and a hint of sparkle by Wirdora hijab accessories only serve to complement its wearers. Let us at Wirdora support your hijab styling needs and your lifestyle!

Now, we would like to hear from you. How many minutes does it take for you to get ready with your hijab before you dash to work? Tell us your story in the Comment section below. We would like to help you by showing how Wirdora hijab accessories can help simplify your mornings.


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