The Libelle Brooch from Wirdora

The Libelle Brooch by Wirdora is one of the best-selling brooches under the Wirdora brand. As a brand that serve the hijabista market, the Libelle Brooch hits all notes to suit the classy hijabista. The Libelle Brooch carries a professional look at the office, yet shimmers and sparkles for nighttime elegance. Unleash your sparkles with the Libelle Brooch from Wirdora.

The name Libelle

 The word ‘Libelle’ means dragonfly in the German Language. Universally, the dragonfly is a symbol of change and adaptation. Like a dragonfly that scurries above water with its iridescent wings, the Libelle moves with the sparkle from the authentic  crystal that adorns this hijab jewelry. As a symbol of change, the Libelle brooch makes a great farewell gift for a dear friend or even as a self-reward for acing a promotion. Capturing such moments with a piece of beautiful hijab jewelry that you can wear assures you that change is constant. A symbol that you have gone through a transformation before and should not be afraid of facing new challenges. Wirdora, as your faithful companion, wishes to be with you through your ups and downs in life. Remove self-doubt, move with grace and elegance as does the dragonfly with the Libelle brooch to keep your hijab style on point.

The Libelle Symbol

 The Libelle brooch by Wirdora carries hope in change, pairing two Fancy Heart stones as the upper part of the wings. The asymmetry in the shape of the Fancy Heart stone creates the perfect angle of a soaring dragonfly. The multiple cuts of the Fancy Heart stone speak of crystals quality and precision. In addition to that, the lower part of the wings is made of a pair of Pear Fancy stones by crystals. Not just that, a line of chaton crystals from  complements the parting between the wings. With that, this perfect composition comes to life with its 18K Rose Gold finishing. The craftsmanship behind the Libelle brooch by Wirdora comes not just as an afterthought. The design comes as a means to appreciate the beauty of nature, life, and a woman’s beauty in her heart and mind.

The Libelle Brooch Craftsmanship

 Taking inspiration from #WirdoraLovers who are proponents of beauty with brains, the Libelle brooch is as functional as it is beautiful. Lending its considerable weight from the 18K Rose Gold material, the Libelle brooch keeps the hijab in place. Moreover, the pin clasps the hijab fabric in place with its right thickness and strength. Not to mention Wirdora’s golden standard of ‘sharp as a needlepoint’ that doesn’t snag. This golden standard ensures the pin doesn’t damage your precious hijab, even after extended use of the hijab. Wirdora understands that the function of the pin is just as important as the beautiful design of their hijab jewelry. Although the pin is not visible, it should be well-made for it to function well and be non-obtrusive. Each pin from Wirdora undergoes a strict process to ensure that the pin is secure and non-wobbly. Such a reliable mechanism ensures your Wirdora hijab jewelry does its job well to keep your hijab the way you want it.

The Libelle Brooch Colors

 Beautiful design teamed with reliable functions becomes perfect as the Libelle brooch comes in five beautiful colors. In Erinite for shades of green that emulates the dragonfly in appreciation for nature. But the Libelle brooch in Amethyst seems to capture the dragonfly just as perfectly in its iridescent purplish hues. Similarly, the Libelle brooch in Aurora Boreale is just as captivating. Lucky are the ones who have seen dragonflies as a child in the deep dark shiny colors as reproduced as beautiful jewelry in Silver Night shade. Or brownish-gold dragonflies that shine in the morning sun as represented by the Libelle brooch in Golden Shadow. Rest assured that feeling compelled to own the Libelle brooch by Wirdora in every color is a common feeling. Especially by those whose eyes feast in the beauty of the make and appreciation of the functions that are especially suited for modest fashion. The Libelle brooch by Wirdora speaks about its wearer’s style, taste, and grace. Perfect as a hijab accessory for the office or for a formal dinner. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Libelle brooch is one of Wirdora’s best selling hijab jewelry.

The Libelle Brooch Styling

The design of the Libelle brooch by Wirdora is suitable for securing the hijab on the shoulder. Not only that, the Libelle brooch can be used as an accessory on blazer lapels for non-hijab wearers. In a nutshell, the Libelle brooch is a must-have for its beauty and its ability to translate the grace and elegance of its wearer. Just check out Wirdora’s Instagram feed for styling inspiration using the Libelle brooch. Do you also own a Libelle brooch? Let us know in which color and also if you would like to see the Libelle brooch in other hues too!

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