Visit Wirdora HQ and See The Brooches for Yourself!

The Visit

You ran a finger along the velvety padded display of Wirdora brooches. Knowing you were undecided on which Wirdora brooch to take home. It was your first visit to Wirdora HQ and you were in awe of the huge plethora Wirdora brooches, available in different designs, colors, and cuts. You took a deep breath to take it all in. It looked like you might leave with more Wirdora brooches than I had intended to buy. Since being introduced to the brand, you haven’t looked back. Your hijab accessories department on your dresser is filled by Wirdora. Its staple accessory, the Circle Pin, may seem like an ordinary hijab pin that’s embellished with authentic  crystal but don’t looks fool you. The Circle Pin is designed at the perfect length to keep your hijab in place. At a thirds length of normal head size, the Circle Pin is made using stainless steel for superior strength. The cherry on top is, of course, the inimitable super sharp pin standard of Wirdora hijab accessories.


In 30 Colours To Feast The Eyes

Super sharp pins by standard, Wirdora hijab accessories do not cause prick damage to your hijab or clothes. Having Wirdora brooches and pins accompany you throughout your day gives the confidence that your hijab stays in place. And more importantly, accommodates your styling needs for quality hijab accessories. As a modern woman, you want hijab accessories that pretty and functional. Even better, with high quality that can last for years of wear and tear. Even the up and rising news anchor, Hawa Ridzwana, vouches for Wirdora. And here you are, at Wirdora HQ. Having stepped into the store that you have visited virtually every month or so to purchase their coveted hijab accessories. You know each and every design by heart. In fact, you also know the colors each design is made by heart. And now you have it all in front of you. For you to inspect and enjoy some sparkly eye candy in your hands. The Premium Circle brooch in Citrine took your breath away. You’re sure you’ve never really ‘seen’ the color through your phone screen. You decided to get that together with Circle Pins of the same color.

The Reveal

And you saw something else eye-catching. Is that the usual Wirdora flower brooch? Is that the usual Wirdora butterfly pin? They looked a little more sparkly, more exquisite than the ones you have at home. Why is that? You took the Wirdora flower brooch in Peridot in your hand and took a closer look. It seemed to have more facets, the direction of sparkles seem to bounce off unbridled - just magnificent. You picked up the Wirdora butterfly pin in Golden, and it seemed to speak ‘louder’ from its sparkles. “That’s the 3D Flower Brooch and 3D Butterfly Pin, miss.” You heard a voice from behind you. You turned and smiled and the polite sales representative, donning a smart shirt carrying the Wirdora emblem. “I thought they look different from the ones I have at home. Why is that?” You vocalized your curiosity to the helpful Wirdora representative. “Ahhhh, that’s because these are made from chaton cut  crystals. That’s why Wirdora classifies them as 3D.


A chaton cut crystal has a pointed back instead of the usual flat back. The pointed cut at the back is the reason you see light concentrating in the center and bounces of sparkles beautifully through the many facets. “You may see the stark difference when I put a 3D flower brooch next to the flat back flower brooch.” And she was right. The 3D flower brooch absorbs and bounces more light. You stood in awe of the smart precision cut of crystals. It is not a wonder how Wirdora hijab accessories are of such high quality. 

The Epiphany

There are some things that the camera cannot capture as beautifully as the eye, our Creator's design. Imagine the limits of the human brain if one could create synthetic sparkles that is akin to a diamond. On the same though, imagine the breadth and depth of Allah, the Almighty, the All Knowing, the Most Loving, the Most Merciful - our Creator. You walked out of Wirdora HQ feeling awed by the beautiful little things that make women happy. Your tiny little Wirdora paper bag keeping your latest purchase safe. You were happy you decided to drop by Wirdora HQ to see the baubles for yourself. It wasn’t a waste and your purchases have not been in vain. Wirdora had been a faithful companion many times over! Have you experienced retail therapy at Wirdora HQ? They are open from 10am to 6pm daily and practice COVID-19 SOP as prescribed by KKM. You may see for yourself the Wirdora hijab accessories and jewelry from the Luxe range that you might have missed from our Instagram or Facebook at Wirdora HQ. Drop by Wirdora HQ today to feel the experience for yourself!

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