Welcoming New Year with Red Reigning January Birthstone

Welcoming New Year with Red Reigning January Birthstone

This article is written to serve product knowledge sharing and promotional purposes only. A Muslim must believe that everything is in the Hands of Allah and is obliged to rely only on Allah only. Please note that Islam forbade wearing of any gemstones which accompanied with a corrupt belief, like believing that it prevents evil eye or magic, or prevents the harm of the devil.

As we embark on the fascinating 2021, I’m sure many of us are still reflecting on how miraculous it has been for us to survive 2020. Yet, we are so blessed to be here today, appreciating the wonder of life surrounding us. Alhamdulillah.

January will always be a significant month in my life. The month of us reflecting on what we’ve learned in December and the month for us to instill hopes for the next twelve months ahead. So what’s your motivation?

My passion for gemstones is still as strong as when I started the Wirdora journey with my beloved hubby 3 years ago. That explains our endless efforts in putting the best for our beloved Wirdora Lovers, truthfully.

As we seep through January 2021, it’s worth sharing the beauty of January birthstone brings, not only to the January babies but to us, generally.

The January Birthstone in relation with January Babies Characters

The professional jewelers agreed that the best-suited birthstone representing January babies is the deep striking red Garnet stone which reflects strong characters to the person itself.

Garnet is a bright red, fiery crystal of passion and relates so much with those who are their birth month in January. The vibrant colours of garnet represent vivid, intense and splendid semiprecious stone that match the January babies most prominent characters of hardiness, sensuality and sense of luxury.

January Birthstone Wirdora

Wearing red stones as part of your accessories, even a tiny dash of red would definitely bring out the dynamism and sovereignty in your styling. That is why Wirdora is very proud to share with our WIrdora Lovers family our January Birthstone range that would surely make the best birthday gifts to that special someone or even a great reward to yourself.

Brings Out The Royalness In You With Wirdora

January Birthstones Collection

In rejoicing the classiness of the January Birthstones, Wirdora is pleased to present to you various options that you might want to own for your collections or a sweet thought giving it as a birthday gift to the January babies.

Just pick your favourite from ​our product range and you’ll be glad that you decided to purchase it in this special month. As simple as our Ravoli pins to our stylish brooches from the Yara, Azalea and Queen Sweethearts, and many others, I guarantee that Wirdora won’t fail to create a smile for those who are receiving it and would surely leave a great impression on the people surrounding.


Just like the strong vibes by the Garnet, Wirdora pins and brooches are made of stainless steel with rhodium plating makes them anti-rust, non-erosive, easier to clean and maintain as compared to other materials. 

And no doubt, my personal favourite feature of Wirdora pins and brooches would always be the sharpness of the pins that can easily slip through my scarves of any materials be it the soft satin, the sweet chiffon, or the expensive silk scarves of my collections.

Cheer up and Cherish January Babies
So January babies, wait no more. Indulge and cherish the beauty of being among the wiser one by choosing the top of the range Wirdora pins and brooches embellished with the bold red precious stones.
Pick either one or all of the selections such as:

#1 Rivoli Pin
Simple yet elegant all-time favourite pin that holds up your scarf firmly just so that it fixed nicely. Chin up and don up while not compromising your comfort.

#2 Yara Brooch
Maintain the cutesy image elegantly with the adorable red Yara Brooch that surely gives a dash of colour and style to the wearer. A never-failed fashionable scarf accessory that will make such a great gift to the January babies.

#3 Azalea Brooch

If you are looking for a trend that will elevate your fashion sense from classy to posh styling, a flair of Azalea Brooch will not fail you. The combination of the pure-crystal  and the striking red stones will melt every heart owning it.

#4 Queen Sweetheart Brooch
The wise say, ‘Smart people think with their brain while those with inner beauty think with their heart while working with the brain.’ Complete your January Birthstone collection by owning the Queen Sweetheart Brooch that will give you satisfaction and pleasure whenever you lay eyes on them.

Trust me, even I’ve been with the accessories since day 1 they were born, they never fail to impress me every single time! Get your own set today and be a proud collector of Wirdora Birthstones Collection, a hobby that worth an investment.

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