Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 with Filter Pocket

Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 now includes a pocket for washable filter! As a brand that is into sustainable quality, Wirdora steps up a notch by introducing Wirdora Face Mask 4.0. Comes with the usual high-quality facemask to protect yourself as with the original Wirdora Face Mask. But with a new and improved feature that heightens your protection - a pocket for a filter within the mask. Be stylish, be protected with Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 with filter pocket. Since August 2020, wearing a face mask to protect ourselves and others was made mandatory. Wirdora had been ahead with the trend with their earlier versions of the hijab-friendly face mask, studded with  crystals since May 2020. The high demand for face masks had prompted Wirdora to come up with printed face masks, personalized face masks, and updating Wirdora raving fans with the latest colors of their creation.

Comes in gorgeous bold colors

The first batch of the 4.0 face masks become proof that Wirdora is all about making you look good. Be it the pandemic. Using hi-tech fabric from Innersejuk that is improved with a hidden pocket on the inside, Wirdora has you ‘covered’. Integrating style and substance as part of Wirdora’s design philosophy. With the hijab-friendly design, it is not a wonder why Wirdora Face Masks are such a big hit!  The production of Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 comes in four bold colors. Baby Blue and Emerald, perfect for those with cool-toned skin. And Grey Stone, for those with warm-toned skin. Not forgetting the all perfecting, powerful Black, for those who want to be more subtle. A secret tip to finding the best face mask color for you is to emulate the natural hues of your eyes. A deep shade of brown eyes looks best in Emerald. A lighter shade of brown twinkles with Grey Stone.

And for those with a slight blueish hue around the eyes look best in Baby Blue. The best feature of the Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 is of course the embellishment! Studded with authentic  crystals, each face mask in this edition uses crystals that are of identical hues. The studs in Emerald are crystals in Emerald color, Baby Blue with Aquamarine crystals, while Grey Stone embellished with its perfect match the Iris crystals.

Reduce the waste of disposable face masks

As Wirdora Face Masks are all made from antibacterial fabric from Innersejuk, it provides ample protection for those with low risk. Using Wirdora Face Mask is not only a cheaper option, it reduces the waste of disposable masks. Disposable masks are best for front-liners. Furthermore, with the rising concerns on the number of disposable masks being discarded daily, the use of washable face masks is a more viable option. Wirdora Face Mask is of high-quality washable fabric that will not cause pilling even after many washes.  Thousands of happy Wirdora Face Masks customers prove that the quality of the fabric used is top-notch. In fact, most of the sales of face masks come from repeat customers. If you like one, you just need more! Just check out our Instagram stories for that! Wirdora is proud to serve the customers with good quality products that also help with the sustainability of the environment. And more importantly, Wirdora gets to ensure that the customers get to keep calm and stay stylish during such testing times. Being able to go out to work right now for the sustenance of the family is essential, if not a privilege. 


Better protection with fabric masks using filters

The new feature of Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 is the filter pocket which upgrades the protection provided by your fabric mask. Superior quality Washable Nanofiber Filters are available at Wirdora. The Washable Nanofiber Filter is an extremely thin fiber with high density to filter the finest of particles. This filter is certified and approved by the US FDA 878.4040 and the EPA. The nanomembrane that makes up the filter has excellent air permeability, so you can breathe comfortably despite the high-density filter. This import from Korea has 99.99% antimicrobial properties and comes highly recommended


For the love of all things beautiful and functional

Wirdora strives to emulate values held by their most loyal customers such as professionalism, gracefulness, and ingenuity in every design created by Wirdora. This holds true whether for hijab pins, brooches, or scarf rings. And Wirdora follows the same practice in the new and improved Wirdora Face Mask 4.0 - to style and protect! And to unleash your sparkles! Follow Wirdora HQ on Instagram and on Facebook to receive news on our latest products, styling tips, and also giveaways. We would love to hear from you and know your feedback on how we can improve our products and service. If looking at Wirdora hijab accessories from your phone makes you want to see and touch the products to have a clearer look, please feel welcome to visit our showroom in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, waze: WIRDORA HQ.

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