Wirdora Face Mask Premium Lace Series

Wirdora Face Mask Premium Lace Series

Face mask is mandatory with the need to stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic. That said, Wirdora understands the need to be safe and stylish, with hijab-friendly face masks. Now more of us can go out and about for work and feel safe with our protective gear. Not only that, it is part of Wirdora’s design philosophy to create hijab friendly products that are beautiful, just as they are functional.

In the latest release of Wirdora face masks, the use of lace fabric is put into the limelight. The lace fabric is loved and adored for generations as it is delicate and beautiful. The true beauty of lace is in the emotion it conjures. The lace fabric is able to evoke feelings of glamor, mystery, and seduction. Just as much as it can evoke feelings of innocence, pureness, and sanctity. Above all else, lace is a status of wealth, luxury, and sophistication. It is said that lace has the ability to affect its wearer because lace is one of the most complex and intricate fabrics to create.

Why You Should Own Premium Lace Series

As we brave through life with the pandemic, we can still ‘grace’ our way around safely with Wirdora high quality face masks. Not only is the Premium Lace Series limited, but the materials used to create these delicate yet strong face masks are also the best of its kind. Just like the smart and stylish #WirdoraLovers, the Premium Lace Series is made with integrity and intelligence. 

The delicate floral mesh that makes up the lace fabric is feminine and soft to the touch. Consider the interlacing motif between the blooming flower and the organic shape of the open mesh design, lending a mix of classic and modern geometric style. The best part is definitely the embellishment of the Premium Lace Series, which is studded with authentic crystals. Trust the Premium Lace Series face mask to be a mainstay in your growing fabric face mask collection.

What Premium Lace Series is Made Of

The Premium Lace Series takes no chance with the safety of its wearer. Therefore, each Premium Lace Series comes with a nanofibre filter. These advanced nanofibre filters are washable and reusable, hence a more eco and environmentally friendly choice. The building blocks of these premium face masks are lace, chiffon, and cotton. The cotton layer of the mask is structured as a pocket insert for the nanofibre filter. Having natural cotton fibers against your skin lessens the risk of ‘mask-ne’ and ensures ventilation for a comfortable fit.

Each Wirdora Premium Lace Series face mask is embellished with 20 crystals to add drama and style for the wearer. There are two types of embellishment available for the Wirdora Premium Lace Series, which are:

  1. Jet Hematite Crystal
  2. Golden Crystal


The construction of the face mask is further improved with the use of a single wide elastic band at the back of the head to keep the face mask in place. Other than that, the use of a stopper (comes together with each Wirdora Premium Lace face mask) makes putting on and taking off the mask more convenient for hijab wearers. Feel safe and comfortable to go about your socializing activities, while abiding to the SOP in style, with Wirdora Premium Lace Series face masks.

How You Can Style Premium Lace Series

Trust on these two shades of crystal for your styling needs, regardless of night or day. The subdued Jet Hematite is perfect for sprucing up a casual outfit, yet punctuated enough for a professional look. Imagine donning a silk satin ruby hijab with a leather jacket, topped with an embellished black lace Jet Hematite Crystal face mask. Carrying the rock chic aesthetic is possible for hijabista with little touches from Wirdora, your hijab styling expert. 


Take that for the Wirdora Premium Lace Series in Golden Crystal for a wedding function. Whether as a host or a guest or a bridesmaid, live the spirit of the event with a lace number for your face mask. Hosts love respectful guests who dress well for their events and practicing the pandemic SOP would make the event hosts love you even more. Even better, gift the host of the event you attend with a Wirdora Premium Lace Series to show your appreciation for the invite.

Where You Can Get Wirdora Premium Lace Face Mask

As there is really limited stock for the hijab friendly Premium Lace Face Mask, we expect that we will be out of stock as soon as these face masks are released. Contact your favorite #WirdoraWarrior to reserve your purchase or purchase your masks as soon as you see them available on our online store. Previous releases of Wirdora face mask that were sold out is proof that Wirdora understands hijab wearers’ needs when it comes to comfort and styling.

Take no chances in letting these Premium Lace Series face mask from Wirdora slip out from your hands. Get yours now!

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