Miranda Scarf Ring Crystal

Wirdora Miranda Scarf Ring - Why Every Lady Needs One

One of Wirdora’s best selling hijab accessory is the Miranda Scarf Ring. Therefore in this blog post, Wirdora will break down the reasons our Miranda Scarf Ring is such a big hit among the hijab wearers. Let’s look into the advantages of owning a Miranda Scarf Ring. And why you must have one in your hijab accessories collection. Although the Miranda Scarf Ring is mainly a love at first sight. For many #WirdoraLovers, it isn't just about the sparkles. At Wirdora, we do not take any sparkly material for granted. In fact, Wirdora designs its accessories with much thought to serve its loyal customers. All crystals used for Wirdora hijab accessories are authentic crystals. Wirdora upholds similar level of International quality for its hijab accessories. That said, all materials used to produce each hijab accessory is of International quality. And that includes the precious metals used as the base and finishing of Wirdora hijab accessories.

The Miranda Scarf Ring Weigh Distribution

The Miranda Scarf Ring specifically, weighs a good 8.64g. That's because it is paved with 110 chaton crystals and is finished with 18K Rose Gold. The higher percentage of copper in 18K Rose Gold lends stability in terms of weight for the Miranda Scarf Ring.

The Miranda Scarf Ring Design

The Miranda Scarf Ring emulates the symbolic Infinite shape. Not only that, the elongated design of the Miranda Scarf Ring envelopes a good length of fabric. This provides more control and versatility to your hijab style. Functional, reliable and beautiful. What more could a lady of style and substance ask for? Perhaps you noticed that the Miranda Scarf Ring design helps with navigating the drapes of your hijab, and add some sparkle to your ensemble. But, have you noticed that the Miranda Scarf Ring can also serve as a beautiful ring? Slip it in your finger and see how the ‘Infinite’ design of the Miranda Scarf ring creates the illusion of length to your manicured fingers.

Available in Four Attractive Colors to Suit You

The Miranda Scarf Ring comes in four attractive colors to bring out the best of your complexion. The four colors choices complement Warm tones and Cool tones equally with its 18K Rose Gold plating and a bevel entirely paved in pure Crystal color. The four colors that adorn the Miranda Scarf Ring are as follows:
  1. Golden Shadow

Match the Miranda Scarf Ring in Golden Shadow with a bronze satin hijab to bring out its golden hues. Those with warm complexions will benefit the from the sparkles of the Golden Shadow and glow in radiance. If you are into color blocking, try the Golden Shadow and Light Amethyst Miranda Rings together in your hijab style. Being opposites on the color wheel (yellowish and purplish), both would bring a pop of color and an individual style for you.
  1. Light Amethyst

The Miranda Scarf Ring in Light Amethyst can be paired with a huge myriad of colors. That said, the easiest would be of the blue family color which blends well with the purplish hues of Light Amethyst. Just as easily to match, is the red family color. Just slip in the Miranda Scarf Ring in Light Amethyst if you tend to pick up clothes in the blue and red color groups.
  1. Crystal

The classic and timeless look of the Miranda Scarf Ring in Crystal makes it versatile and a perfect match to any color you choose to pair it with. The Miranda Scarf Ring in Crystal create a luminous effect in pictures. That's because it bounces off light for more attention on you. Choose the Miranda Scarf Ring in Crystal if you are looking for a hijab accessory that you can bring along on your business travel.
  1. Light Rose

Pink is synonymous to ladies and is an easy choice when your wardrobe is bursting with pinkish hues. And the Miranda Scarf Ring in Light Rose simply speaks of femininity, softness and romance. Bring out the best of the Light Rose hue by pairing it with green shades and muted earthy tones. Carrying subtle colors, with hints of sparkle, is the understated and effortless glamor that a lot of fashionistas strive to achieve. You have Wirdora to help you with that!

The Miranda Scarf Ring Comes with ONE Year Warranty

So whether you plan to use the Miranda Scarf Ring as a hijab accessory or as a statement jewellery, be assured that your Wirdora item is covered with a one year warranty. The high quality materials used in the production of your Wirdora accessories is made to last you for a long time. Therefore keep the Miranda Scarf Ring in the padded box that came together with your purchase. Because that will allow you to enjoy your Wirdora accessory for a long, long time. Timeless designs and high quality materials is at the fore front of Wirdora hijab accessories creation. At Wirdora, we strive to serve our customers better by producing hijab style tutorials using Wirdora merchandise. Not only that, we are also open to listen to your problem when it comes to hijab styling so that we can help support you by creating better Wirdora products.

Wirdora Would Like to Hear From You!

So now we would like to hear from you. What is your favourite shade of the Miranda Scarf Ring and why? Is it because of versatility, or the yummy color or simply because you are THAT color person? At Wirdora, we’re interested to know because we care about our customers. We believe the relationship with our customers extends beyond the cashier. Wirdora braves together with the customers in their ups and downs daily lives. At Wirdora, we help style your hijab so that you can face your daily challenges as a confident woman!

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