Wirdora, Now on Digital Billboards!

Wirdora was founded in 2017 to complement the premium hijab market.Wirdora meets the international standard of premium accessories although locally produced. Having styled countless ladies from all walks of life for the past three years, Wirdora is proud to present their very first digital billboards! Wirdora’s digital billboard advertisement speaks for every hijabi and every lady who knows her worth. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the advertisement is inspired by every Wirdora wearer. The observing eye would realize that the advertisement encapsulates the vision of a modest lady with big talents who is not afraid to be her best self. And, isn’t that the unspoken similarity between each and every #WirdoraLover? The advertisement begins with dimmed lighting, featuring the founder herself, Wirdalina Tauhed. The advertisement features four premium hijab accessories and one bracelet from Wirdora. Learn more about the featured accessories below to find out if they should be in your collection!

The Camellia Brooch

A blooming classy flower, encrusted in authentic crystal to keep your hijab in style and in place. The Camellia Brooch is for the feminine but the bold lady who knows what she wants. Whether as a self-reward or as a gift, the Camellia brooch is a token of appreciation that is for keeps. Read more about the Camellia Brooch here or you may purchase directly from the website.

The Inara Brooch

 Available in nine attractive colors, the Inara Brooch is Rhodium plated and encrusted with 34 chaton cut  crystals. Ideal for wear under the chin or on the shoulder, Wirdora hijab accessories are nickel free and will not cause skin allergies. The Inara Brooch is a favourite for its unique teardrop shape and the classic embezzle around the shape using crystals in the timeless color, Crystal. You may learn more about The Inara Brooch here or purchase directly from the website here.

The Miranda Scarf Ring

 A versatile hijab accessory that is a scarf ring or simply a ring on the finger, The Miranda Scarf Ring is one of the bestseller items from Wirdora. Available in colors to suit your mood and style, the Miranda Scarf Ring does not disappoint. The design of the ring elongates the appearance of the fingers. And not only that, its design helps hold a good amount of fabric so you can control your hijab style. The Miranda Scarf Ring takes your hijab style up an ante, making hijab styling fun and expressive. You may find out more about the Miranda Scarf Ring here and get yours now from Wirdora website here.

The Libelle Brooch

Wirdora Libelle Colors A sweetheart at sight, The Libelle Brooch is crafted using two  Heart crystals and two teardrop crystals. As if that’s not enough, The Libelle Brooch uses 18K Rose Gold for its plating to finish the unmistakable firefly design. Like all Luxe products under the Wirdora brand, The Libelle Brooch comes with a one year warranty. These well-made hijab accessories stand the test of time in terms of quality and style. Find out more about The Libelle Brooch here and get one to complete your accessories collection here.

Hawa Bracelet

 Edgy by design yet feminine by definition, The Hawa Bracelet accompanies you from day to night. Stylish with casual clothes, and subtle under long-sleeve blouses for work. Try stacking these bracelets for a bold look when styling with simple attires. The Hawa Bracelet comes in two sizes, perfect for mother-daughter twinning. These Hawa Bracelets are limited edition so get yours quick!

Wirdora Loves You!

The variety of hijab accessories offered by Wirdora makes it the best go-to brand to complement the premium hijab market. Each Wirdora product comes with a Wirdora authenticity seal tag and a Warranty Card. It is Wirdora’s pleasure to serve their many loyal customers in terms of the quality of the product and also after-sales service. Not only that, you may Follow WirdoraHQ on Instagram to stand a chance of winning prizes at their frequent giveaways. In a nutshell, Wirdora is not just a hijab accessories brand, it is a brand that believes in the modern women’s capability to be independent and confident. It is a brand that believes modesty does not mean sacrificing your individuality and style.


Wirdora is a brand that speaks for every woman who knows her worth. And you ARE the woman that is the inspiration behind Wirdora’s very first digital billboard. Wirdora would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported Wirdora. Family, friends, friends who became family (#WirdoraWarriors and #WirdoraLovers) and those involved directly and indirectly in the growth of the Wirdora brand. Wirdora looks forward to serving better with high-quality hijab accessories that are beautiful and functional. Wirdora is proud to serve the niche of modest fashion locally and also internationally. And none of which would have been possible without the support from each and everyone. Again, thank you to ALL for making Wirdora’s first digital billboards at Jalan Tun Razak, Bulatan Pahang, and Mont Kiara a reality!

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