Wirdora Satin Shawl Hijab Quick Tutorial

Wirdora Satin Shawl Hijab Quick Tutorial

Are you a satin shawl hijab fan? Then you need to watch the Wirdora Satin Shawl Hijab Tutorial below. A quick and easy way for satin shawl to be styled using Wirdora hijab accessories. Because everybody knows Wirdora hijab accessories is known for creating stylish satin shawl hijab looks. Use Wirdora hijab accessories to maximize your style in minimum time!

Most ladies love the shimmery undertones and the luxurious effect of a satin shawl. Or you just love the versatility of a shawl to create endless styles with a piece of fabric? But the same thought, you have also gone through many shawl hijab tutorials. And feel intimidated and stumped by the zig zagging drapes. Fret no more!

Wirdora is here to your rescue with our simple satin shawl style that is fool-proof and will get you ready in less than a minute! In this tutorial, all you need is a Wirdora Zahra scarf ring, Wirdora circle pin and any Wirdora brooch of your choice. Get ready to be dressed and styled in seconds.

Satin Shawl in Less-Structured by Nature.

Sometimes, the challenge with satin shawl hijab is its soft and less structured nature. That's how Wirdora hijab accessories come in handy (and beautifully) to keep the satin shawl in place. So you have the confidence that your hijab will stay in place as you go about with your duty at work or at the family gathering. Wirdora hijab accessories supports your freedom to move, without compromising your style.

Have Wirdora, have sparkle they say.

Wirdora understands the need for ladies to maintain a classy and elegant look effortlessly. All the while holding the fortress at the office and at home. Furthermore, Wirdora knows how women need to be appreciated and gives its best to present the most functional accessories. Rest assured, Wirdora is known for the superior quality of its accessories. Its beautiful design matched with reliable materials, results in many women choosing Wirdora as the companion of their lovely hijabs.

Wirdora Hijab Accessories Pin Would Not Damage Your Satin Shawl

Not only that, Wirdora pin sharpness is known to NOT cause damage any fabric. Its sharpness standard is ‘needle sharp’ and goes right through your hijab or clothing with a clean prick. It's a matter of fact that Wirdora hijab accessories will not leave a hole to precious hijab and clothes.

Besides being ‘needle sharp’, Wirdora hijab accessories is adorned with 100% authentic  crystals. 

As an International player, Wirdora uphold its quality by also offering warranty for their products. All Wirdora hijab accessories product in the Luxe range is covered with a ONE YEAR warranty. While all products in Standard range is covered with FOUR MONTHS warranty.
Wirdora customers benefit from the timeless styles of Wirdora hijab accessories. On top of benefiting from the high standards that Wirdora adheres and believes in. Because Wirdora believes that hijab accessories has to be beautiful to serve its wearer, and also functional and reliable.

As if all the details above weren’t enough, Wirdora pins are made at 4.5 cm in length. Which means that a Wirdora hijab pin covers one third the length of the average sized face. Therefore a Wirdora pin is long enough to keep your hijab in place. And will save you from any nasty surprises when you catch your reflection at a mirror. Be assured that with Wirdora, your hijab shall stay in place.

If You Love Satin Shawls, Wirdora says Unleash Your Sparkles!

 Love yourself and love what you see when you catch a glimpse of your reflection. Be amazed that Wirdora hijab accessories help your satin shawl to stay in place and add glamor into your look! As seen in the shawl hijab tutorial above, you don’t need to invest in a lot of time to look good. Let Wirdora hijab accessories help you with that. What more could a woman ask for than to be styled and ready in less than a minute? As Wirdora believes in serving women, who seek to make a difference to the world through their work.


Our accessories help as an aide to let your beauty with brains take center stage. Wirdora hijab accessories allows you to get ready as quickly as you can. In fact, Wirdora hijab accessories work well with luxurious fabrics by giving it more structure and would not cause damage to the fabric. Wirdora hijab accessories are such eye candies, just as they are a solution for women who want to be styled quickly with top notch quality accessories. Wirdora hijab accessories takes care of your hijab style so that you have one less matter to worry about. Us at Wirdora, we are your supporters in helping you bring your best self forward. As our saying goes, unleash your sparkles! Now we would like to hear from you.


Do you have a love-hate relationship with satin shawl hijab too? Satin shawl hijabs are beautiful but are difficult to style easily and quickly? And did the satin shawl hijab tutorial help? Please let us know your most pressing issues when it comes to hijab styling so that we can help you out! The Wirdora products used in the satin hijab tutorial is available here.

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