Wirdora Square Hijab Tutorial Using Papillon Scarf Ring

Square Hijab Tutorial using Wirdora Papillon Scarf Ring in less than 2 minutes! Check out how a square hijab is styled using Wirdora Papillon Scarf Ring and helps you style your square hijab in a jiffy. Experience instant glamor to your square hijab using Wirdora Papillon Scarf Ring in this square hijab tutorial to get your style right.

Have you ever looked at your huge collection of square hijabs and not know what to wear?

Because it’s always the same style, same look?

You thought to yourself, maybe you need to buy more hijabs of other styles - shawls or instant hijabs, perhaps. But personally you’re really into square hijabs because you find it comfortable! It has just the right amount of draping, frames your face perfectly and is so versatile that you’ve owned some square hijabs for many many years!

True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But if you’ve been up all night updating your presentation slides or nursing a teething baby, you would appreciate any help to conceal the effects of a late night. A frumpy hijab is sure-fire way to let your colleagues know you had a rough night. But let’s just keep that as a secret between you and Wirdora.


A neat hijab in place, punctuated by a Wirdora accessory shows that you are careful with your choices and think thoroughly before you make a decision. Us at Wirdora, we understand how easy it is to become disheveled under work stress. But, have you ever seen a powerful lady boss looking unpolished? Of course, not!


Let Wirdora dress you for success, style your powerful self and help you look your best.

If you have less than 2 minutes to style your hijab in the morning before you dash off to an important work day, why not let the Wirdora Papillon Scarf Buckle do the heavy lifting for you? Wirdora Papillon Scarf Buckle does its magic just by slipping the corners of your hijab into place and you’re off to a powerful day at work.

Check out the steps below for short tutorial to smarten up your look.

  1. Fold your square hijab into a triangle.
  2. Place the center part of the longest length on your head.
  3. Make sure that both flaps on your right and left are of equal length.
  4. Swirl one flap around your neck so that its corner re-appears at the front as a shorter flap.
  5. Slip a Wirdora Papillon Scarf Buckle in the longer flap up to the desired point.
  6. Slip in the shorter flap in the Wirdora Papillon Scarf Buckle.
  7. Adjust to your personal preference.

This way your hijab is styled, in place and aligned with your confidence.

If you prefer watching the tutorial, check out Wirdora’s Square Hijab Tutorial using Papillon Scarf Buckle on YouTube here.

Did you see how easy it was for Papillon to ensure a ‘good hijab day’ for you?

Accessorizing is an imaginative skill, where you take one ‘aide’ to entirely change the original outcome. Imagine if the square hijab was worn with no accessories? We might risk looking tired and unprepared!

The finished look with a Wirdora accesory instantly exudes an authoritative lady look who knows what she wants. An accessory can certainly uplift your mood too, what with the cut and color from original  crystals on Wirdora’s handcrafted accessories.

Do not underestimate the power that a little sparkle can do to your entire outfit. The accessory of choice speaks a lot about it’s wearer and Wirdora is here to speak of the quality, taste and practicality of its wearers. Wirdora not only provide the substance for daily hijab styling solution, it also provides quality for classy ladies like you.

When your hijab is in place and comfortable, you can focus on your work and increase your productivity to the benefit of your boss and yourself. Let the small effort of putting on Wirdora accessories help elevate the way you carry yourself throughout the day.

Imagine just a slip of a Wirdora Papillon Scarf Buckle into your hijab can instantly lift your look from drab to fab. Just fabulous!

Fabulous-ness from Wirdora accessories require no styling skill, as you saw in the video.

However, the art of accessorizing requires an imaginative skill.


Leave it to Wirdora to become your ‘aide’ to entirely change the original outcome of your square hijab.

Let Wirdora help you with that, and many other of your hijab styling problems like the ones below:

  • Bored of the same hijab style every day?
  • Tired of being clueless at your huge collection of hijab?
  • Spending hours in front of the mirror only to find your hijab style had ‘flopped’ after a few hours?

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Here at Wirdora, we are your stylist as well as your supporter!

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