World Hijab Days: Beautiful Without Boundaries With Wirdora Pleated Shawl

World Hijab Days: Beautiful Without Boundaries With Wirdora Pleated Shawl

Just like many others, hijab and people’s perceptions are inseparable. Some might have this extreme thought how hijab is a no-no option and it’s a reflection of sexism in Islam. Some might thought of hijab is just an identity of every Muslim women. Some may still be ‘waiting’ for the right time to wear a hijab. Some may truly believe that wearing hijab is the way of life and are happy and proud to be part of a hijab wearer.

And tell the believing women to reduce [some] of their vision and guard their private parts and not expose their adornment except that which [necessarily] appears thereof and to wrap [a portion of] their headcovers over their chests and not expose their adornment (An-Nur 24:31)

Talking about hijab is definitely an open-ended topic and I have no intention to drill deeper and dwell on it. While it’s an obligation to every Muslim women, I respect everyone’s opinions about it.

Wirdora Premium Rania Pleated Shawl


Personally, I found hijab to be such a comforting piece of clothing. It gives freedom to my soul while keeping the boundary, physically. It allows me to express myself in the ways I’m donning it and how I want to present myself at certain occasions and events. It’s a statement of being what I want to be. Alhamdulillah.

Hijab Represents Freedom in Fashion

When the famous hijabi model Halima Aden decided to stay low and removed herself from the mainstream international modelling career, there was news stating that it was the hijab and Islam that limit her choice and cut down her potential to move forward.

 Halima Eden

Aden first made headlines in 2016, when she was the first woman to wear a hijab in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant [File: Brendan McDermid/Reuters]

 Wirdora Premium Rania Pleated Shawl Scarf


As a matter of fact, the shawl is here a token of appreciation to every complying hijabis who appreciate fashion.

I may have a list of reasons why you should grab your Rania today, but allow me to share my personal opinion on why you should grab your Rania today:

#1 Premium Quality with An Affordable Price

While everyone would love to have a soft shawl material, many would make a fuss about how difficult it is to wear and mold it. This is my number 1 factor that I’ve considered during material selection - quality!

Made of heavy premium chiffon, Rania by Wirdora Premium Pleat felt light and soft on your head. While some material might retain a certain level of heat, rest assured that you’d feel so comfortable wearing a Rania shawl as the material made it cools. 


Wirdora Premium Rania Pleated Ironless Fashionable Shawl Scarf


Rania shawl comes with a carefully seamed design to ensure its we adhered to its Premium quality.   Baby seams finish are used whereby the same technique is used for the famous Marilyn Monroe famous white halter bodies dress.  

Despite the high premium material used, you won’t be deterred by Rania by Wirdora Premium Pleats price. Trust me, it’s affordable! In fact, for such a premium quality material and finishing, I am very proud to announce that our Rania shawls are among the cheapest in the market.

#2 No ironing, easy to mold

Being a mother of five, working and balancing my very own life, ironing my shawl is the last thing I could think of. Yet, as a Wirdora owner  (and the fact that I love to look good even when I’m in the house), I know I have to be very particular in every way when I present myself.

Taking that into consideration, Rania by Wirdora Premium Pleats fulfills my appetite as I do not have to iron it and it’s definitely easy to mold, easier than ABC. Who needs video tips when you have Rania shawl? ;)


Wirdora Premium Rania Pleated Shawl Nikah Wedding Malaysia Scarf Tudung


#3 Classy pleat with a charm trendsetting

Way hey! After (and still) being tested with the pandemic and all, the least we, the women, could do is to give ourselves a break in 2021. Move on, adapt to the new norm and pick up the style. Rania by WIrdora Premium Pleats is definitely the IN-thing for 2021 and every hijabi. It’s a MUST-have hot item to add in your collection. The 2-meter shawl with a 65-cm width is donned with a crystal pendant charm for its exclusivity. It is sharia-compliance and not as sheer and thin as you might think of.

Wirdora Rania ShawlWirdora Rania Shawl

#4 Wide range of colours palette to choose

Yes, I feel you when it felt awkward when we have a perfect handbag and shoes yet the shawl seems to be off tone.

Yes, I heard you when all you need is that one particular shawl with perfect colour that could match your favourite skirts.

Yes, I know the importance to have the best OOTD shot with the perfect colour combination of your new top and shawl.


 Wirdora Rania Shawl


Trust me, Rania by Wirdora Premium Pleats colour range will make you spoilt for choices. Having two sets of tones of your own preference, Rania Bold Series come in elegant and classy colours such as Black Jade, Orchid, Fossil Grey, Maroon, Prussion Blue and Burgundy. While for those who prefer softer colours, Rania Pastel Series might be your choice with more feminine colour selections of Silver Grey, Pearl White, Periwinkle, Mint Green, Ballerina and Sheer Rose. Just pick your colours today!


Wirdora Rania Shawl


#5 Everyone loves it!

This is not hardselling, it’s fact!  When we introduced Rania shawls for sale, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that everyone was waiting and up for it. In fact, we did have customers that bought one and came back asking for me the day after and the day after. Some even bought a few for their buddies as a token. And there’s even a customer who bought three Rania shawls of the same colours for her own self! Talking about self-indulgence :)

Do you know what would make it beautiful when you are wearing Rania by Wirdora Premium Pleats? Don it with wide selections of Wirdora pins and brooches. Trust me, just like Halima Aden, having Rania shawl on with beautiful Wirdora pins and brooches accessorizing it would definitely define freedom in choosing your style.


Wirdora Rania Shawl

Hey ladies, have a classy World Hijab Day and indulge yourself with style! Grab your Rania shawl today.

To avoid any regrets and frustration, place your order today before its too late.

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