Wirdora Hijab Jewelry 80% Impact 20% Effort

80% Impact from 20% Effort with Wirdora Hijab Jewelry

As a busy woman, we know that we can’t hassle over styling although looking good is important for our repertoire. Looking smart, professional and stylish builds our self-esteem and boosts our confidence. But there is a balance that you need to strike in order not to look gaudy, overly accessorized and attention-seeking.

Corporate management gurus often mention the Pareto principle where 80% of impact comes from 20% of our effort. Why not apply the same principles in styling? Let Wirdora sparkly hijab jewelry with authentic  crystals show you what class means where less is more. Take for example Wirdora’s Zahra Scarf Ring. It can keep your hijab in place and works as a sparkle element to add light to your outlook. The Zahra Scarf Ring is made of more than 90 chaton crystals with 18k rose gold plating, weighs 5.24g and can be doubled as a fashion ring. The Zahra Scarf Ring was seen on Lisa Surihani in her simple hijab tutorial here. A small piece of hijab jewelry gives a big impact to the style of the hijab. What’s more, the jewelry doesn't only add style to the wearer, it adds substance too. This is due to the pretty hijab jewelries that help to hold the hijab in place. Which in turn, ensures that the wearer is comfortable and able to go about their daily activities. Check out the video below from Wirdora on simple styling using Wirdora hijab pins and Wirdora Scarf Rings.

The items used in this video is as follows:

  1. Rivoli brooch under the chin
  2. Warda Scarf Ring
  3. 3D Butterfly Pin
  4. Flower Pin
  5. Zahra Scarf Ring

Allergy-free brooch for under the chin.

The materials used for Wirdora hijab jewelry are allergy-free as the brooches are nickel-free. Feel comfortable and confident to frame your hijab around your face with Wirdora brooches. Be free from the discomfort and any itch under the chin is over with Wirdora hijab jewelry. Another reason to own Wirdora brooches is because the pin that is used will not snag your hijab cloth. Our hijab jewelry pins meet the standard sharpness of a needle, that will not cause damage to your premium hijab. Wirdora hijab accessories allow you the peace of mind that you will not breakout in a rash nor ruin your favourite hijab due to accessorizing.

Wirdora pins to keep your hijab in place.

As we move about in our day to day activities, we smile, we talk, we laugh, we eat - Wirdora pins keep your hijab in place. Wirdora pins live by their task as your hijab moves about while you’re enjoying life. Be assured that Wirdora pins will keep your hijab in place. The length of Wirdora pin is 3.5cm, which is one third the length of a normal head. This means that the length of the pin is proportionate enough to secure your hijab in place. Not only that, all pins are made from stainless steel. This ensures the sturdiness of these rust-free pins. Available in a huge range of designs and colors to suit your taste, mood and occasion. Wirdora pins are your faithful companion, ensuring your style is taken care of.


Wirdora Scarf Rings are double duty.

Our hijab jewelries only feature authentic  crystals and that makes Wirdora Scarf Rings as one of the most sought after items by Wirdora. Owning a Wirdora Scarf Ring to keep your hijab in place and for styling, is value for money. Plus, either you slip the Wirdora Scarf Ring into your hijab or finger, you are instantly in-style and ready to go. In addition, Wirdora Scarf Ring designs aim to help with hijab styling. The design features on the scarf ring are aligned with functions to keep the hijab in place. For example, the embellishments on the Warda Scarf Ring are two large  crystals to create space wide enough to hold a significant amount of cloth to keep your hijab in place. Whereas authentic chaton  crystals pavethe wide part of the ring.

Therefore, creates enough weight for the embellished part of the ring to stay in place and keep your hijab as styled. As your faithful companion, Wirdora won’t let you down. Now, we would like to hear from you. What is your favorite hijab style that you wish you could style with Wirdora hijab jewelries? Do you prefer a more simple style that has less than three steps like in the video above? Or, do you prefer a more elaborate style that ensures your hijab is securely in place? Let us know in the Comment section below. If you are new here, you may follow our Instagram and Facebook page for more updates on our latest design and promos. Or, if you would like to see the sparkle and dazzle of Wirdora hijab jewelry for yourself, you are welcome to visit us at Wirdora HIQ Showroom in Ampang (showroom is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 Restricted Movement Order).

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