Blue Zircon from Wirdora for December

Come December, usually comes the relaxed feeling of school holidays and vacations. But not this year in 2020, as the pandemic hits we learn to live with the pandemic and adjust our lifestyle. Us at Wirdora, we have been through a lot this year - just as many others have and are still going through. So we thought, maybe we should reward ourselves a little to cap off 2020? Or to get a special birthstone gift for those whose starsign are Sagittarius and Capricorn?

The birthstone for the month of December is Blue Zircon. Blue Zircon is known for its scintillation, brilliance, and flashes of color. We believe Blue Zircon should not be limited to those who were born in December only. Anybody can enjoy the beauty of Blue Zircon that seem to hold fire in its color, just like diamonds! Blue Zircon in its sublime blue hue and mesmerizing shine is meant to bring energy for us to be reminded of intent or ‘niat’. #WirdoraLovers can certainly attest to the energy passed forth by the passion in the creation of Wirdora Hijab Accessories.

Blue Zircon crystals has a pure and distinctive fire that sets it apart from other colors. A natural Blue Zircon is said to be worn to gain professional success, financial prosperity, and  healthy marital life. We believe Blue Zircon posses the calming effect that relaxes, which in turn creates the mental stability to take on challenges. As working professionals, Wirdora understands that the lady in the boardroom could be a mother at home, or a caregiver to her elders - which could use the little help to bring positivity in their lives.

Imagine the beautiful Blue Zircon hues on an equally beautifully designed brooch by Wirdora. Wouldn’t the color and the aesthetics bring forth confidence, creativity, and calmness to the wearer? 

Wirdora December Kyra

It’s not a surprise to discover that Blue Zircon is a specific favorite during Victorian times. That was the time when fine gems were central to the lifestyle of the English back in the 1800s. Spotting a blue zircon on jewels was a symbol of status, regality, and taste. We are confident Blue Zircon crystals is made for everyday professionals with just as much taste as the elitist back in the Victorian times. At Wirdora, we bring only the best for our #WirdoraLovers and you can bet that we are good at what we do.

Wirdora in Blue Zircon

Bathe in the purest of Blue Zircon by crystals in our collection of items made exclusively in its single color. Circle pins and circle brooch in Blue Zircon is specially made for those with a distinct taste in color and the quality of shine for their hijab accessories. Naturally occurring zircon in blue is rare and can be really expensive according to its quality. It makes sense to enjoy Blue Zircon crystal for its exquisite and uncompromising quality. You can trust Wirdora for the best in design and quality for your hijab accessories.

Wirdora Blue Zircon Match

The best feature about the distinct color of Blue Zircon by crystals is that the color can be easily matched with other colors. Us here at Wirdora, had so much fun mixing and matching Wirdora hijab accessories in different colors to the Blue Zirconia. The combination is endless and this is due to the fact that Blue Zircon creates one of the liveliest displays found in any natural colored gemstones. Furthermore, a famous gemologist working for Tiffany’s, George Kunz, was a distinguished zircon advocate. He had suggested for the gemstone to be named ‘Starlite’ for its star-quality brilliance and fiery nature.

Blue Zircon Perfect Matches 

Spoil your man with the Aduka Luxe Butang Baju Melayu in Indicolite, made for the men who are not afraid to flaunt. Style is no longer exclusive for women with the Wirdora Men Range, as dressing well is a form of respect to the people we meet. Double-duty the Aduka Luxe Butang Baju Melayu as cufflinks for added elegance, where taste is an unspoken language that is understood by many. You may purchase the Aduka Luxe Butang Baju Melayu here while stocks last. 

Wirdora December Circle Pin

For the ladies, Kyra Brooch in Bermuda Blue is the perfect combination with the Blue Zircon Circle Pin and Circle Brooch. An equally outstanding brooch to perfect your hijab styling. What more with the trusted quality of Wirdora hijab accessories that help you move along your day, stylishly, with your hijab perfectly in place. You can also team Blue Zircon Circle Brooch with our famous Aurora Boreale to create exact opposites in harmony. If you want to create an interesting pop of color, team your Blue Zircon with Rose or Paradise Shine Circle Pin. You can see here that Wirdora has done the thinking for you in creating your personalized hijab style, and we are happy to serve you, #WirdoraLovers!

Other than that, we are also happy to know what you think. Do you think birthstone colors should be limited to a person’s birth month, or do you think we should celebrate all colors and not limit ourselves? Us at Wirdora, we believe in celebrating ideas. Let us know what you think in the Comment section below!

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