Celebrate September with Wirdora's Sapphire Stone

Wirdora welcomes the month of September with the month’s birthstone, Sapphire. Wirdora-up your style with hijab accessories embellished in Sapphire stone . Handcrafted with high-quality materials, these hijab accessories are sure to swoon you and onlookers. This month, Wirdora celebrates the month with stories about one of the most famous precious stones, the Sapphire.


The Sapphire Stone Story

The most famous sapphire ring in the world is Lady Diana’s engagement ring which now belongs to Kate Middleton. Sapphire symbolizes love and loyalty, and the sky of heavens according to mythology. Suffice to say, sapphire carries a positive connotation that everyone seeks and needs. In fact, the most expensive sapphire was auctioned at a whopping price of $17 million! Thus, it’s not a stretch to say that not only those born in September would love to have some sapphire in their lives!

Synthetic Sapphire

Enter Wirdora hijab accessories, embellished with certified crystals. Synthetic sapphire  may not be the ones found on mines in the depths of Laos, India, or Tanzania. But rest assured - the cut, clarity, and color of synthetic sapphire is of top-notch quality. As worn, adored, and loved by the many #WirdoraLovers who support high-quality hijab accessories to go with their premium hijabs.


Mix and Match with Wirdora

Naturally, Wirdora hijab accessories in Sapphire go really well with other hijab accessories of Ruby in color. This is because, even in natural occurrences of crystal minerals, sapphire and ruby are usually found in the same geographical area. However, Wirdora hijab accessories in Sapphire also go well with its complement color yellow in Jonquil. Pairing two opposing colors from the color wheel creates a neutralized color effect.  Not only that, Wirdora hijab accessories in Sapphire go well with many other colors such as Crystal, Silver Night, Aurora Boreale, and Light Amethyst. Even better, Wirdora hijab accessories offer so many designs that come in these colors! You can find a huge selection of brooches that go well with Sapphire from the Rivoli range, or from the Azalea range. If the scarf ring is more of your thing, the Lisa scarf ring or the Miranda scarf ring in Montana will surely complete your elegant hijabi look.

Sapphire Quality

A fun fact about sapphire is that it’s also used for high-quality watch quartz movement and electronics. Embodying usefulness and carrying beauty in the same cusp makes sapphire a symbolic gift. Presenting style and substance show respect and admiration for the recipient of the gift. As a matter of fact, sapphire is the third most durable gemstone after diamond, making it a remarkable and notable gift.

Sapphire among The Royals

Recently, when Queen Elizabeth II celebrated the 65th anniversary of her reign (2017), the term Sapphire Jubilee was coined for the celebration. With close tie-ins to the royals and to the queens of everyday households (that means us, careers ladies!) sapphire jewelry is indeed a must-have in our collection. Combining Wirdora hijab accessories high-quality craftsmanship  Sapphire crystals that are durable and maintain an ever-present sparkle, the best kind of sapphire gift is always as a reward for ourselves.

How to Care for Sapphire

The hue, saturation, and tone of Sapphire make it one of its kind. However, the wear and tear of such gemstone are harder to care for on rings and necklaces. Wearing hijab accessories in Sapphire from Wirdora is a much better choice as there is less exposure to chemicals when washing our hands or showering. The placement of hijab accessories makes them less vulnerable and easier to care for. But if caring for your hijab accessories is your priority, you can also get Wirdora’s special jewelry cleaner here.


Get Sapphire for Your Wirdora Collection

Easy to match and blend well with other colors are more than just reasons for you to get some Sapphire Wirdora hijab accessories in your collection. Styling your hijab using Wirdora gives you the peace of mind that your hijab style stays in place. More importantly, the pin will not damage your hijab fabric. Wirdora hijab accessories special feature are their super-sharp pins that will not leave any prick mark on your fabric. This is of the utmost importance when choosing quality hijab accessories. Wirdora Rivoli 3D Flower Butterfly pin Miranda Whether it is a basic circle pin, or a bezzled Rivoli brooch, or the super glamorous Rafflesia brooch, Wirdora hijab accessories surely has something to suit your style, taste, and budget. Whether you decide to get a Sapphire hijab accessory from Wirdora for yourself, or as a gift for a September baby - know that you’re making the right choice. Your purchase comes together with after-sales service and warranty so that you can enjoy your purchase for a long time.

Unleash Your Sparkle!

Us at Wirdora, we’re your faithful companions. Through your hijab styling mornings, noons, whether at the office or when you’re out with your family on the weekend. Let Wirdora make hijab styling a pleasant experience that you look forward to. And you do you, girl. Unleash your sparkle!

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