Edora, From Adoration to Devotion

Edora, From Adoration to Devotion

I guess it is perfect timing for us to introduce the new family member of Wirdora as a gesture of hope and positivity while the whole country is trying to get away from the seems-no-end-yet pandemic.  I just couldn’t stop falling in love with it and whenever I look at it, the feelings get stronger.

Do extend your warm heart, open your bright eyes and carve your beautiful smile welcoming Edora, the new adorable scarf ring from Wirdora.

Why Edora?

Honestly, just like many others, we at Wirdora are all worn out. It was such a momentous proud moment when we successfully launched our first physical shop at the mall early this month. Somehow, the HIDE and the MCO 3.0 are not helping us much.

So, when I saw the final product of Edora scarf rings, I don’thave the energy to pretend to like them - I just ADORE, ADORE and ADORE every single bit of them, from the bottom of my heart.

Just look at them!


Wirdora scarf ring edora cincin tudung swarovskiWirdora scarf ring edora cincin tudung swarovski

Wirdora scarf ring edora cincin tudung swarovskiWirdora scarf ring edora cincin tudung swarovski


Made of precious little authentic and genuine crystals donned up around the rose gold or rhodium plating, all the four rings of different stones will make you spoilt for choices.

Pick either crystal with rose gold plating, or smoked topaz for that elegant look that surely pinned everyone's eyes on it when you flaunt it.

Or settled with Montana or golden crystals on rhodium plating just to blend in your classy yet exclusive scarf stylings.

The (US) size 8 rings are donned with 85 pieces of crystal stones that definitely give such a subtle gist for your outfit.


Wirdora scarf ring edora cincin tudung swarovski

So, imagine, you are invited to an important online meeting or just a simple interview session online and you just need to make a good ‘view’ impression - here’s the time you should work your scarf styling with an Edora scarf ring. You can’t expect to zoom out the whole outfit of yours, can you?


Wirdora scarf ring edora cincin tudung swarovski

Printed scarves won’t guarantee a good impression online because different video and camera settings might make it turn differently.  For a ‘safer’ choice, pick plain scarves and style it with these cute little Edoras. Trust me, it would make an impression for the person viewing at the other end.

Get bold by having more than two rings, at one time. Insane? Hmm..you never know it could be a viral fashion statement of its time.

For whatever, dear Wirdora Lovers, just stay safe and stay healthy. If you have any chance to take the vaccines, by any means, grab it!  

In the meantime, check out our great range of Wirdora products from your wonderful Wirdora Warriors or get it online yourself. And yes, or you are most welcome to visit our booth in KLCC and our first physical store in KL East Mall, if you happen to be around, coincidently.

Do follow us on our social media channel,

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wirdoraofficial/),

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wirdora) or

visit our website (https://wirdora-hq.myshopify.com/) for details of the product range.




http://slkjfdf.net/ – Nodobe Oebiyofre maa.idof.wirdora-hq.myshopify.com.fzj.oo http://slkjfdf.net/


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