Exclusive and Personalized Wirdora Hijab-Friendly Face Mask

Wearing a face mask in public is the new norm that we must adapt to stay safe against the coronavirus pandemic. Wirdora, in a collaboration with Innersejuk, produces crystals embellished face masks that are hijab-friendly. As an expert in hijab styling, Wirdora understands the factors that cause discomfort in conventional face masks. Wirdora’s hijab-friendly face masks are hot selling items as of now. And Wirdora is expanding the touch of their magic wand with their ‘exclusive and personalized’ hijab-friendly face masks.


Face Mask is A Must

 As Malaysians shift into more advanced phases of the Movement Control Order, businesses are allowed to operate but under strict guidelines. One of the compulsory guidelines is the use of face masks. This is besides practicing social distancing and frequent hand washing with soap or sanitizer. However, it is best to not risk any exposure to COVID-19 by staying at home. Nonreusable hospital-grade face masks are best reserved for the frontliners. Which is why those with lower risks may opt for Wirdora hijab-friendly face masks. Wirdora hijab-friendly face mask is safe for going out in public, for up to four (4) hours of use.


More details on the Wirdora hijab-friendly face mask by Innersejuk can be read here. As more people protect themselves with reusable face masks, easy identification for one's own face mask is important. It is crucial to know that face mask is not for sharing and gets a wash after every use. Other than that, it is important to not leave a used face mask out in the open. Put the reusable face mask in the wash immediately after use. And dispose nonreusable face mask in the bin after use. Keeping a good standard of hygiene is the only way to break the coronavirus chain.

Easy Identification of One’s Own Mask

 Ensuring that the hijab-friendly face masks are safely reusable (not accidentally shared) and sustainable (not easily misplaced or misidentified) are important. Therefore, Wirdora offers exclusive personalized embellishment for your Wirdora face mask. You may opt to have your initials or nickname in  crystals embellishment on your face mask. Your sparkle no longer simply just catches light, it’s also YOUR identification. This means that you would be more identifiable to others, in this newly masked world. No more awkwardness in the office, when you’re guessing if your co-worker could identify you under the face mask.

On the other hand, won't it be a relief to be able to identify your boss - only if she was wearing her personalized Wirdora hijab-friendly face mask. Generally, the stylish indication on your face mask prompts those around you to be more at ease. If anything is true right now, it is that the coronavirus has forced us to be physically apart. But that doesn’t mean we should act like strangers under the mask. Just put some bling on your face mask and let the world know who you are!

Long Wait-List for Personalized Wirdora Face Mask

 As the personalized Wirdora face mask is exclusively to serve #WirdoraLovers, there is a limit to the slots available for order. Although there is no official announcement of this service yet, Wirdora honors the current long list of requests for these personalized orders. Only a handful of orders have been fulfilled and had charted their way to the proud owners. This is due to the time and extra love to embellish crystals and form the alphabets on the face masks. The announcement of the availability of slots will happen once Wirdora confirms the number of resources with the expertise to embellish the crystals.

This is also to preserve customer satisfaction in terms of our product and service. However, you are free to enquire with us to express your interest in the personalized face masks. Wirdora, as your faithful companion, would be happy to serve you. In terms of pricing, each personalized Wirdora face mask retails at RM50, for two (2) letters of embellishment. Any additional letter incurs RM10 each. For these exclusively personalized Wirdora face masks, the embellishment is of standard crystal color. This color ensures that your personalized Wirdora face mask easily matches your hijab and outfit. As with other Wirdora products, these exclusive personalized Wirdora face mask also comes with a warranty. Wirdora would be happy to fix any fallen crystal. All you have to do is to send your face mask directly to Wirdora HQ.


Wirdora Supports You Even Through Such Trying Times

Wirdora believes it is their privilege to serve #WirdoraLovers who are such supportive customers. The Wirdora team aims to serve better, even as we face the COVID-19 pandemic. As a hijab styling expert, Wirdora hijab jewelry is ever-ready to help #WirdoraLovers to put their best self forward. The sparkle that every Wirdora lady carries, sparks intrinsic confidence. And there can be no price tag for the internal confidence that a woman owns. Now, we would like to hear from you. Are you planning to be on our wait-list for your exclusive and personalized Wirdora face mask? Please let us know in the Comment section below. As your comment would help us gauge the volume of orders so that we can strive to serve #WirdoraLovers at our highest level of service.

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