Wirdora Hijab Friendly Face Mask

Hijab-Friendly Face Mask by Wirdora

Introducing Wirdora’s face mask, hijab-friendly and embellished with authentic crystals! The COVID-19 pandemic may stop us from leaving the house as often as we want. But when we do, it can’t stop us from the leaving the house in style. These face masks by Wirdora are one of its kind with authentic crystals embellishments and using materials from Innersejuk. Such specially made face masks are designed to be convenient for hijab wearers. Capitalizing on Wirdora’s knowledge in the hijabista niche, the design of the face mask is intentional in making easy to put on and taken off. Besides that, the stretchable material ensures a comfortable fit for every face shape. Whether for underneath the hijab, or over the hijab. Wirdora has you covered!

Quality-Tested Face Masks

As these face masks are washable, they are best worn for up to 4-hours at one time. Although it is not suitable for hospital use, it can be used when exposure to the public is necessary. The hijab-friendly face mask is perfect for your quick outing for groceries or to perform necessities such as going to the bank. Rest assured, these face masks have undergone testing at the Textile Research Group (UiTM) and STRIDE (Science Technology Research Institute for Defence). Wirdora is known for its quality hijab jewelries and the same standard is applied to these hijab-friendly face masks. The tests performed at these centers were to prove and certify of these face masks in the below aspects:
  1. Anti bacterial.
  2. Thermal heat conductivity.
  3. Elasticity test.
  4. Thermal regulation test.

The design of these hijab-friendly face masks together with its approved test, allows style to go hand-in-hand with peace of mind. Wirdora will not compromise with the safety of its wearers, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Wirdora is taking all possible precautions in their day-to-day operations to fullfil #WirdoraLovers demand for Wirdora hijab jewelry.


Made from Breathable, Protective Materials

An interesting take on these hijab-friendly face masks by Wirdora Innersejuk is the fabric material. The material is a trademark fabric by Innersejuk, namely Dri Chill. The Dri Chill fabric ensures that the air trapped when wearing the mask has ventilation, despite the protection it provides. The special Dri Chill fabric ensures your comfort and confidence, as with other Wirdora hijab products. The optimal amount of stretch lends flexibility to the face mask to cover the contours of the face comfortably. The tie-on feature of the face masks allow the wearer to adjust the the fit around the face. This also reduces any risk of gap opening as the face mask is snug on the face. Indeed the highlight feature of these hijab-friendly face masks are the authentic crystals embellishments. Wirdora proudly presents four types of hijab-friendly masks. Three types adorn sparkles from authentic, and one in plain. These hijab-friendly masks come in blue and black.

Embellished with Authentic Crystals

Wirdora Hijab Friendly Face Masks

Wirdora Hijab-Friendly Face Mask Types: 0: Plain hijab-friendly face mask. 1: Hijab-friendly mask with a line of colored authentic crystals on upper part of mask, finished with a light touch of metallic crystals. 2: Hijab-friendly mask with a cluster of colored authentic crystals on mask, finished with a light touch of metallic crystals. 3: Hijab-friendly mask with a cluster of Aurora Borealis authentic crystals on mask, finished with a light touch of metallic crystals. All four types of Wirdora hijab-friendly face mask serves to cater different #WirdoraLover personalities and also for different styling purposes. Assume that Wirdora has your glamor needs covered, no matter the occasion. As our motto goes, Wirdora your faithful companion.

Hijab-Friendly Face Mask, The 'New Normal'

As we slowly assimilate with our ‘new normal’, a hijab-friendly face mask might be one of the best investments we need to make to lessen our risk with the pandemic. Wirdora has put in a lot of effort in R&D on the design and material used. As always, Wirdora aims to serve with the best for #WirdoraLovers, even during a pandemic. More importantly, Wirdora has put a lot thought into the distress of hijab wearers when a face-mask is mandatory. May we get more used to washing our hands more often, practicing social distancing and wearing a face mask when required to leave the house. But may we not forget to carry ourselves with the confidence and elegance, as a Wirdora lady. Get your sparkle on with our washable Wirdora hijab-friendly face masks to complete your look.

Wirdora Welcomes Questions and Suggestions

Now we are curious to hear from you. Do you also feel uncomfortable using normal face mask when leaving the house? Especially because you cannot even take the mask off when you’re alone in the car. How uncomfortable is that with the mask’s elastic bands behind your ears, underneath your hijab? Let us know if you feel relieved that Wirdora has created hijab-friendly face masks too! Get yours here. Us at Wirdora, we would love to know what you think about of latest release. You may also watch our hijab tutorial and styling using Wirdora face mask here to learn more. Until then, stay safe, stay at home and don a Wirdora hijab-friendly face mask as your faithful companion if you need to leave the house.

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