November Birthstone by Wirdora

November Birthstone by Wirdora

The month of November is here and we are all contemplating how quickly 2020 had passed at Wirdora. We pondered upon Surah Al-Asr that speaks of all humankind is at a loss unless they believe in God and do good deeds. Us at Wirdora have been through a lot due to the COVID-19 pandemic since earlier this year, yet Alhamdulillah, here we are stronger because of #WirdoraLovers. Come the month of November, Wirdora presents special showcases of the month’s birthstone - Topaz and Citrine. Check out this post if you have a special person born in November or simply to reward yourself!

Wirdora Hijab Accessories

The birthstone for the month of November is Topaz and Citrine. Both these birthstones have a wide range of colors occurring naturally within the spectrum. The color may range from the most brilliant of yellow to a luxurious brown color, with a rich orange hue in between. That is why Wirdora showcases authentic crystals  in the colors of Jonquil, Topaz, Light Colorado Topaz, and Padparadscha for November.

Both Citrine and Topaz are loved by aristocrats for their luxurious colors and the symbolism of both stones. Where Topaz carries the symbol of friendship, Citrine carries the symbol of joy, delight, and enthusiasm. Where Topaz carries a more mature meaning and steadfastness, citrine carries youthful joy and a carefree spirit. On second thought, us at Wirdora would recommended these colors for those with such characters, and you don’t necessarily have to be born in November!

Topaz was sought after by the aristocrats in India during the Mughal arena. Aurangzeb, the son of Shah Jahan who built Taj Mahal, has a topaz ornament on his cap which he wore during this coronation. It is said that the topaz is 158 carats. The same can be said about Citrine as we can see a lot of the Bollywood superstars wearing heavily embellished jewelry in Topaz and Citrine.

Wirdora Hijab Accessories Luxe

The tone of colors exudes by Citrine and Topaz create a rich, luxurious touch to any look. While Topaz gives out hints of sparkle from its cut, Citrine shine brilliantly like the sun. Combining two colors with the Topaz and Citrine range (Jonquil, Light Colorado Topaz, and Padrapascha) creates a dynamic to punctuate your hijab style. Understated, modest, and elegant - Wirdora lets you bring your best self forward in styling.

Take for example Wirdora’s Camelia Brooch in Topaz. The depth of color created by the crystals lends a mysterious yet opulent look. Match that with your man in Andika Butang Baju Melayu in Topaz, for a power couple look. Accessories from Wirdora are made from high quality materials and embellished with authentic crystals. Be sure that your hijab accessories are made to last, just like how your style will be remembered when using Wirdora.

The Citrine stone is said to be a gift from the sun. This is apparent from its brilliance and shine. Its quality of brilliance is slightly muted compared to the color Crystal, which leaves Citrine a coy, girlish sweetness about it. Pair some Circle pins with the Kyra Brooch by Wirdora in Crystal Aurora Boreale for the perfect styling. When looking for alternatives to sweet looking hijab jewelry in colors other than pink, choose Citrine for its mellow aesthetic. Styling with Wirdora can be simple like sweet lemon drops, as the authentic  crystal color effect is impactful to its wearer.

Wirdora Circle Pins

A little known fact about the November birthstones is that they celebrate the Warm tones. The rich deep orange of Padrapascha brings out the best hue in deep brown eye colors. These tones makes your natural beauty more prominent effortlessly. Even a simple Padrapascha Circle Pin paired together with a Topaz Circle Pin on a beige pleated hijab would make you beautiful au naturel. Gone are the days of spending hours to style yourself when you have Wirdora, Your Faithful Companion.

A huge collection of Wirdora accessories celebrate the November babies among #WirdoraLovers. The Halle Scarf Ring is multifunction, which can be used as a scarf ring and a ring. The bold thick lines of the ring is embellished in ombre, lending hints of endlessness and elegance. The Wira Baju Melayu Studs in Topaz is perfect for our man who is shy to wear too much sparkle and brilliance.

It is true they say, that fashion fades but style is forever. Us at Wirdora, we are happy to help you with your hijab styling needs. Whether you need your hijab style to be modest yet contemporary, or modest and bold. Your style carries a non-verbal expression and Wirdora will help you get that right! Wirdora helps you with your hijab styling to support your lifestyle as a mother or an entrepreneur or a corporate executive. You know you can count on us, Wirdora - Your Faithful Companion. And the happiest birthday for those born in November, from Wirdora!

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