Staying Safe and Protected in The Most Stylish Way

Staying Safe and Protected in The Most Stylish Way

Wirdora Washable Nano Filter Malaysia


This March gonna marked a year ‘Anniversary’ to the world in general, and Malaysian particularly, battling the evil Covid-19 pandemic and still fighting.

Sigh! Of course, we know it’s a BIG test from The Creator and as a Muslim, we should teach ourselves to be patient and keeps on hoping and praying for AlMighty to help us in this time of difficulties. The Quran says: "do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart; and be patient. Indeed, Allah is with the As Saabiroon (Those who keep patience) Quran 8:46).

As a Muslim, we also required to take care of ourselves, our family and the communities. Should we face with musibah, we should avoid it as much as possible. However, if we couldn’t avoid it, we should at least pick the less mudarat,  (less severe harm). In the hadith, Rasulullah SAW says, “If two harms coincide, then avoid the greater harm and choose a lesser harm.” (Refer Mausu’ah al-Qawa’id al-Fiqhiyyah, 1/87)

So, as the Covid-19 is still widespread, we are encouraged to stay home. However, should staying home is not an option as we need to go out and get some work done, we should try to stick to the proposed SOP so that we help to keep ourselves from being infected or perhaps infecting others.

Wearing a facemask is compulsory when you have to go out of your home. Therefore, I’m stressing the importance of wearing it, correctly and safely. Be it a disposable or cloth mask, ensure that you use it correctly.

Do not wear disposable facemask more than 24 hours and you are recommended to clean your cloth mask often. The best is to use Wirdora Nanofiber Filter to pair with your safe and stylish Wirdora facemask.

Why I strongly encourage my dear Wirdora Lovers to get the filters today? Because I love you and I am obligated to inform you what I deem right.

The Features of Wirdora Nanofiber Filter

Wirdora Washable Nano Filter Malaysia 

1. Excellent Air Permeability

Well, I doubt that people love facemask. Preferably, we would want mask-free era to come back as soon as possible. I guess, just like many others, having facemask made it difficult for your breathe, and imagine if you have to smell your own breath after that delicious Nasi Sambal Petai you had over lunch. That’s why, I was happy when I got the chance to test out the Nanofiber Filter to be pair up with Wirdora facemask. The ultra-thin 0.1micrometer filter makes it convenient for you to communicate and most importantly, breathe. 


Wirdora Washable Nano Filter

2. High Quality and Technology from Korea

Imported all the way from South Korea, the filters are engineered with elctrospinning technology that allows the filer to ‘moves’ physically, unlike the conventional filters which are depending on electrostatic.

Its membrane is strong like the fishnet and not a surprise if it is still intact and in good condition, even when you wanted to use it after 20 times of washing it. It has been tested over and over again nearly 4000 times to confirm this feature.


Wirdora Washable Nano Filter

3. Recognised by International Boards

Should you feel uncomfortable wearing something on your face, especially to cover your nose and mouth, rest assured that the Wirdora Nanofiber Filter has got it certified by the Korea Halal Authority and 100% safe & halal to be used by the Muslims.

On top of that, the filters are also certified and received recognition under the US FDA (878.4040) which confirmed their reliability and safety. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also approved the filters for use.

Enough said, I don’t see the reason what stopping you from getting this lovely Wirdora Nanofiber Filters to pair up with your favourite Wirdora Facemasks. Get one for yourself and for your loved ones today!

And may I recommend you our latest Wirdora Facemask innovations for kids?  The UN World Health Organization stated that kids are prone to be infected with the virus but not showing any symptoms like the adults. To-date, the vaccines are not tested on children yet. 



So, while you are getting the filters, get our favourite cutesies ear-looped Facemask for kids for their comfort, and most importantly, safety.  

Get both your precious Wirdora filters and facemasks online (

Just remember one thing, BE SAFE THAN SORRY! Take Care and Much Love from Wir and Wirdora Team..xxoo

Hey beautiful, thank you for still believing in us up till today! We love you much. Do follow us on our social media channel, Instagram (,

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