The Camellia Brooch by Wirdora

Have you met the Camellia brooch from Wirdora? You know, the limited edition brooch that emulates the elegant camellia flower? The one that is fully encrusted with chaton crystals? We're asking because the beautiful Camellia brooch by Wirdora captures the essence of elegance. You really have to see it to believe it. True to the saying, “Flowers don’t tell, they show,” the Camellia brooch from Wirdora speaks volumes for its wearer. You can see that the Camellia brooch by Wirdora is double-decked with twelve petals encrusted with crystals. It is a bath of light that sparkles as its wearer moves. But how do you explain the great beauty of the Camellia brooch in words? Maybe you should head over to the Wirdora HQ, or make a mental note to enquire about the Camellia brooch if you often visit Wirdora’s one and only physical store. That's because a visit to the Wirdora HQ is worthy of the Malay saying, “Cuci mata,” and definitely not “Putih mata”.

Behold, the Camellia Brooch by Wirdora

 As seen in the picture above, the lower deck of the Camellia brooch has seven petals with wide square angled edges. While the upper deck of the Camellia brooch has five-pointed petals, overlapping the lower deck. The centre of the brooch is also encrusted with certified crystals with a round pistil-like piece. The center is shaped in a raised hemisphere, creating a multidimensional effect to the Camellia brooch. The Camellia brooch comes in two easy to match colors, Smoked Topaz Peach and Crystal. If all that isn't enough, know that each petal of the Camellia brooch is made of high-quality metals that bring out the best of each chaton cut  crystal that embeds upon the colored clay. The cumulative weight of the quality metal added with the handful of chaton crystals that make up the Camellia brooch - lend the right weight to keep the hijab style secure and in place.

The Camellia Brooch for non-hijab styles

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Camellia brooch is versatile enough for non-hijab styles. Jazz up an everyday professional blouse with the dripping of sparkles bounced off by the Camellia brooch. Style with substance is the name of the game for the busy career woman who’s not afraid to be different. Without a doubt, the Camellia brooch is a fashion statement on a sharp blazer. The design and construct of the Camellia brooch not only use top-notch materials, but Wirdora also provides a warranty for one year on your Camellia brooch. If ever, even a crystal falls off your beloved Wirdora hijab jewelry, all you need to do is send it back to Wirdora HQ.

Let us ensure that you can enjoy your Wirdora pieces at its best, always. As the saying goes - Wirdora, your faithful companion. Let Wirdora hijab accessories be with you as you go through the hustle and bustle at the office. Don Wirdora hijab accessories in all your important Raya pictures. Let Wirdora take care of your hijab style by keeping it secure and in place. And more importantly, in style. Isn’t that why Wirdora is your faithful companion?

“Where flowers bloom, so does hope.”

Wirdora Camellia Brooch in Crystal

The Camellia brooch by Wirdora is the epitome of a graceful woman who need not exert her strength to prove that she is strong. Courage, ingenuity, and selfless love are common traits among admirable women. That makes the Camellia brooch a perfect gift for such women. The kind where action speaks louder than words is her unspoken mantra. In the yesteryears, the Camellia flower was symbolic to profess admiration for a woman’s deed. In comparison to the gift of a rose, this act of appreciation is of higher stature. Suffice to say, the Camellia flower flatters a modern woman better than roses. A modern woman who is capable of being independent and is aware that beauty isn’t just skin deep.

Intrigue Factor

The intrigue that comes with the beautiful Camellia brooch comes only with one word of caution - ‘Spellbinding!’. The Camellia brooch by Wirdora will take your breath away. Be ready to spend a few hours admiring the quality and make of the brooch. Rewarding your hard work with a good quality eye candy is always worth the effort. Your self-value only needs validation from your own self. Get a Camellia brooch today! If you would like to see the Camellia brooch for yourself, you may drop by Wirdora HQ on weekdays between 10 am to 6 pm. Or you may enquire your favorite #WirdoraWarriors of its availability and they will help you secure your Wirdora Wish List. Wirdora hijab accessories cover a huge range of hijab styling necessities. You may read more about our Azalea brooch here, or if you prefer scarf rings our Miranda scarf ring is a bestseller as well. Fret not if you are new to hijab styling, you may want to check out our most basic hijab styling essential - the circle pin here.

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