The Fundamentals Of Hijab Accessories Styling With Wirdora Inner Scarf

The Fundamentals Of Hijab Accessories Styling With Wirdora Inner Scarf

You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise. - Michael Jordan -

I still could recall the first time I wore hijab and how I struggled to get the right ‘shape’ and the right ‘style’. O My, it wasn’t easy. But I guess that what makes the beauty of the hijab journey that I personally had.

At some points, I am still struggling with my hijab styles, and that’s one of the strong reasons I would put all my sweat and tears today. I want to help eases the conflicts that most of us (the hijabis) faced. First and foremost, do note that the article is merely from a fashionist point of view. Always keep in our mind to not compromise with the purpose of hijab and the Islamic syariah.


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Hijab fashion has evolved in a positive manner in Malaysia. You will find women who wear it very long and women who wear it shorter. You will find women who layer different scarves together to achieve a certain look. Most of us will consistently try to fit in as many different styles and combinations within set parameters and guidelines through color, fabrics, and style of wearing the hijab.

Women with weak understanding and fundamentals about fashioning their hijab are easily misled. They are inconsistent and can be easily tricked. I personally learned a lot throughout my hijab journey and still learning. However, it’s my great pleasure to share with you the fundamentals of donning your hijabs as well as keeping up with the trend.  

Wearing a hijab is more than a matter of wrapping one around your head. But we KNOW, you still need a little bit of skill, practice, and most importantly, the right building blocks for a beautiful, secure and comfortable hijab style.

Fundamentals Rules for Hijab Accessories

They are 3 basic accessories that you might need to have if you opt for a comfortable hijab style. These basic accessories are something that you should never compromise with anything less.

Those 3 items are:

i. the scrunchies, to keep your hair tied up into a nice bun shape.

ii. the eye-soothing pins & brooches to help secure your hijab with style.

iii. the trendy underscarves to keep all your hair secure without feeling tight or heavy.

So, when you are hunting for these basic sets, bear in mind on the requirements that you need to fulfill in order to ease your journey to stylish hijab fashions. The rules include:

Never compromise on quality

You might think twice to ‘invest’ in these items before you would want to purchase one. You might think why must you waste money on those ‘expensive’ scrunchies and underscarves? After all, you are wearing it under the scarf and no one could even see them. You might hesitate to buy expensive brooches and pins and you could get 10 pieces for RM20.

Take my words, you won’t regret buying higher quality products. It brings a significant positive aura to yourself, which will be reflected in your face.



Check on the details

Yes, do note the details of those basic accessories you are buying. If you are buying scrunchies, ensure that the one you are buying would be one that is a stronghold, stay put, elastic and gentle hold.

When looking for pins and brooches, you might want to cherry-pick the best design, the colours, the end-product quality and those who would last and shine longer. (A shortcut to you, pick Wirdora!)

As for the inner scarf, put extra attention on its fabrics, colours and designs. The best inner scarf are those who could give you a sense of freedom even when you are wearing a hijab. It should not be too tight or too loose. It should have a great fabric that is airy so that your hair stays healthy. Plus, find an inner scarf that has the right colour to match your hijab.

Stick to rules and you’ll thank me for these tips!


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Wirdora Inner Neck Underscarf

I have always been a consumer and a customer before I become the Wirdora founder. I guess that could sometimes ‘irritate’ my dear husband as I will always come up with ideas to help women donning their hijab with comfy and styles. But one got to do what she got to do.

After a detailed deliberate researches on fabrics, designs and colours, Wirdora is proud to present to our believer Wirdora lovers the new innovative ideas of our product range, Wirdora Inner Scarf.

Needless to say much about it, rest assured that getting one of this is definitely something that is ‘comforting’.

We’ve went through the must-have checklist in order to come up with Wirdora Inner Neck and here’s some points that you might want to consider why you need to get Wirdora Inner Neck today!

Comfort is our priority. It is designed from the best fabric and cut appropriately to avoid the feeling of choking of its wearer.
Made of stretchable material that fits well on you, airy and not tight so that your ears and your head would have its own ‘space’ and won’t feel binded.
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Made of soft high quality cotton material with perfect variants of colours which are black, plum, pastel blue and peanut.
Stunning yet subtle style with 17pcs SS6 crystals completing the inner scarf. Of course, you could have an option to buy those with no crystal on it, and still enjoy the comfy stylish inner scarf.
Come with Wirdora charm for its own exclusivity.

You need this beauty today, as Raya is coming and having to be able to wear just the inner scarf around the house when you are hosting unplanned visitors would definitely be a 5-star!

Okay, enough feeding words into thoughts. Get you Wirdora Inner Scarf today!

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