The Inara Brooch by Wirdora

The following is a fictional work to advertise the Inara Brooch by Wirdora. This work has nothing to do with the living or the dead, any resemblance is of coincidence. The Inara Brooch by Wirdora the latest collection released. It is available from Wirdora HQ and #WirdoraWarriors via Instagram and Facebook.

The Inara Brooch is a limited edition product by Wirdora. Life in accordance with the new norms has started to feel more adaptable. With your kids back in school, you get the breather that you had longed for all through the MCO. It wasn’t easy to juggle the kids’ online classes, their long list of homework in Google Classroom, and your own demanding job. You miss your kids so much while at the office, and now you believe in the saying that distance makes the heart grows fonder.

Of New Norms with Wirdora

Sanitizing your workstation, donning protective gear to avoid the spread of the virus, avoiding close contact with people. Those are norms that you have adapted to make sure that you work safely at the office and come home safely to your kids at home. The multiple protection and defense efforts you take don’t look like they have any significant impact on your life. But you definitely get the chills whenever you hear of a person who contracted the coronavirus. You just don’t take risks with the pandemic. You feel glad that Wirdora released a blinged up version of the Innersejuk face mask. These face masks are made using materials that are tested for their ability to repel the spread of the virus for low-risk individuals. Washable, stylish, and protective - you are happy that Wirdora understands the need for a little aesthetics in women. Women like you who love style and fashion. Not because you want to impress other people with your looks, but because you deserve the pretty little things that uplift your mood like no other.


The Inara Brooch Reveal

Just when you are looking for some shine and sparkle as a self-reward for the many weeks you endured at home, Wirdora comes in. Wirdora releases an array of beautiful eye-candies they name as Inara. You immediately realize from the K-Drama you’ve binged watched at home that ‘ara’ in Korean means ‘knowing’, although it could also mean ‘beautiful’ or ‘graceful’. You certainly watched too much K-Drama and it was a guilty pleasure. Although you wish not to be chained to any addictive K-Drama anymore, the Inara brooch is a deserving treat for your self. You go through the beautiful photos of the Inara brooch on some #WirdoraWarriors Instagram account and have since been thinking about getting one. As odds would have it, a woman just can’t make up her mind with which color to purchase! The brooch is in the perfect shape of a teardrop, with a pop of color in the center. crystals outline the brooch that is set in Rhodium plated casing. The centerpiece is paved with colored authentic crystals on colored clay. The cluster of crystals in the middle of the brooch homes different angles of shine that sparks light as you move. As with other brooches from Wirdora, the Inara speaks of elegance, glamor, and quality through its ingenious design that is beautiful and functional.


Why Inara Brooch?

And now you know you’re just looking for ways to justify why you need to buy the Inara brooch in more than one color. You laugh at yourself for being so silly. The Inara Brooch is encrusted with 34 chaton authentic crystals, is a limited edition, and comes in nine attractive colors. If you had followed your own logic, you would feel justified to buy all colors. But let’s just say that you would do a courtesy visit to your wardrobe to see which colors dominate so you can make a selection. You re-open WirdoraHQ on Instagram again during lunch hour. You want to deliberate on your decision of which color to purchase. You run the list of colors available for the Inara Brooch:
  1. Amethyst
  2. Blue Zircon
  3. Chrysolite
  4. Jet Hematite
  5. Light Amethyst
  6. Light Rose
  7. Montana
  8. Rose
  9. Ruby

Now, which color should you get?

 You decide that Jet Hematite is a must for its deep grey to soft black color. The contrast between the crystals in the center and the outline speaks volumes about the wearer’s taste. In an exquisite shape, in an understated color - the clash of context carried by the Inara Brooch in Jet Hematite is soft yet powerful. Like a feminine being with a masculine and strong core. The Inara Brooch in Jet Hematite embodies the modern, independent, and beautiful woman of today. Alright, so you click Purchase on Jet Hematite as it seems to be a must-get-now. So now you want to decide on another color. Oh, how hard it is the task of choosing when it comes to Wirdora hijab accessories!  You narrow your choices down to two colors: Blue Zircon and Rose. Both colors have the same energy of sparkle. Both colors are bold and uncompromising for attention. Both colors won’t compete with each other, in fact, the colors complement each other. You feel the giddy excitement in the pit of your stomach as you toy with the idea of purchasing the Inara brooch in three colors in one go.  But then you hold yourself back. Maybe you shouldn’t.


The Decision

So you text your husband asking which color is best? The Inara in Blue Zircon or the Inara in Rose? “Sayang, Inara in Arabic means light, illumination, and enlightenment. You brought light to our kids all through MCO. Get all three colors, they will be my gift to you sayang,” his text read. You choked your tears for a while and gathered yourself. Only your husband knew how hard MCO was for you and you thank Allah for the understanding husband you have. Being patient is half part of Imaan, and the other half is being grateful. And God works in mysterious ways of testing and rewarding you. Not just in this world but also the Hereafter.

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