Versatile Hijab Jewelry - Beautiful and Functional

Versatile hijab jewelry is a well-kept secret among hijabistas. Hijab jewelry that is beautiful and also functional, allows the fashion forward career lady to focus on producing the best outcome for her day. Putting her best foot forward had never been easier with the versatile hijab jewelries from Wirdora, that are beautiful yet functional. Hijab jewelries from Wirdora enables you to be ready in a jiffy. Just secure your hijab with a pin before your Zoom call, and voila! you look polished and prepared for the meeting!


When one has her life wrapped around work and her family, Wirdora is your faithful companion in keeping sure your hijab style covers your modesty without sacrificing style. Apart from that, capitalizing on Wirdora’s know-how and expertise in hijab styling and accessorizing, designing beautiful yet functional hijab jewelry is at the forefront of each and every Wirdora product. A versatile hijab jewelry counts as beautiful and functional when it meets these three important factors: substance, quality and style.

 The Azalea and Dahlia brooch from Wirdora meet the standards outlined above - substance, quality and style. If you’ve been eyeing the Azalea or the Dahlia brooch for quite some time now, read on to find out why it is an investment for your personal style. After all, style is about saying who you are without saying a word! Both the exquisite Azalea and Dahlia brooches are designed using Teardrop fancy stones by crystals. While the Azalea brooch has all crystals meeting at a center point, the Dahlia brooch has all crystals meeting on both sides to form a circle. The Teardrop fancy stones on both Azalea and Dahlia provide sparkle and brilliance to the wearer. Light just loves bouncing back from these crystals, creating an irresistible radiance.

Substance is Key

In terms of substance, the Azalea and Dahlia brooch can hold a fair amount of fabric to secure your hijab on your shoulder. The length of the brooch and its weight give the appropriate amount of steadiness for your premium hijab to billow stylishly, to create an effortlessly chic look. Looking chic effortlessly is easy when you are confident that your hijab style is taken care of by your faithful companion, Wirdora. Wirdora Dahlia The design of the Azalea brooch catches a block of light, with its center point holding light from the narrowest part of each Teardrop fancy stone. On the contrary, the design of the Dahlia brooch catches a stream of light along the circle formed by the Teardrop fancy stones. It is hard to say which is more beautiful than the other in terms of substance.

Top-notch Quality

Furthermore, the quality of Wirdora hijab jewelry is second to none. Each product is covered with a warranty and provided with a fully lined and padded box upon purchase. On top of that, the pin for the brooch is of Wirdora’s high standard of ‘needle-sharp’. Which means your hijab or clothes fabric will not snag by the pin. Nor would the ‘needle-sharp’ pin leave any hole or prick mark. Rest assured, Wirdora’s super sharp pin is the hallmark of their creation. Designed with crystals and quality metals, who could ask for more? As the preferred hijab jewelry maker, Wirdora is composed of an R&D team and after-sales services to serve their customers with the best. That said, Wirdora also provides hijab styling tips and tutorials on their Instagram and Youtube channel. Wirdora Azalea Montana Styling the Azalea and Dahlia brooches is simple as it is primarily worn on the shoulder to keep the hijab in place. But they are both more versatile than that! In fact, both brooches appeal to non-hijab wearers too. Trying donning hese versatile brooches on baju kurung, baju kebarung and kebaya. It is a fact that one of Wirdora’s forte is in designing hijab jewelry that is versatile. The Azalea or Dahlia broochas a trio is perfect with a kebaya or kebarung. As the modern take on the traditional 'dokoh'. Not just that, the Azalea or Dahlia brooch will complete any Malay traditional attire when paired with a 'selendang' secured on the shoulder. The versatility of the Azalea and Dahlia brooch design give value for money.


Style is Forever

Wirdora handcrafted hijab jewelry serves to meet the expectations of busy career ladies. Hijab jewelry that is hassle free, with subtle sparkles and in a design that keep their hijab style in place. Juggling work and family life doesn't mean your modest style to get in the way of your work competence. Wirdora brings out the shine in you. And, it helps lift your personality with some sparkle. According to the book Dress Like A Parisian by Alois Guinit, a little bit of shine or sparkle benefits a person’s style by attracting light. The most about its brilliance that speaks for its wearer’s taste.

 One look at a #WirdoraLover, you know she is one with substance, quality and style. You may read more about creating effortless looks with Wirdora hijab jewelries here. As versatile hijab jewelries, it is no wonder that the Azalea and Dahlia brooches receive rave reviews by its wearers. Wirdora’s effort in creating versatile hijab jewelries, anchored with substance, quality and style, serves the needs for #WirdoraLovers. Career women need to carry herself well, and Wirdora is a faithful companion to see through with that. Wirdora Azelea Antique Pink Now we would like to hear from you. What is your thought on the Azalea and Dahlia brooch? Also, let us know if you’re a proud owner! Tell us your favorite Azalea and Dahlia color or if you need more styling tips from us. Us at Wirdora, we are ready to serve your styling conundrums to help you bring your best self forward. As we always say - Wirdora, your faithful companion. The Azalea and Dahlia brooch is available for purchase here.

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