Welcoming 2021 With The Wirdora Mystic Brooch

Welcoming 2021 With The Wirdora Mystic Brooch

Drum Rolls, Please! Welcoming 2021 With The Wirdora Mystic Brooch

WIRDORA always thrives for varieties of luxuriousness in its own uniqueness and proudly presents the new range Mystic Brooch Family to welcome 2021.

I’m sure, just like many others, we do wonder how 2021 will be like. Would it be a calm after the long pandemic storm? Would it get worst than we could imagine? Would it be true that the new norm is here to stay?

For whatever, I feel inspired and obligated to share every positive vibe we have by introducing the new family of Wirdora Collection, The Mystic Brooches. While the pandemic is still a mystery, The Mystic is here to stay for good. Take a breather, put a pause to struggles, embrace what is being served.


Wirdora Mystic Brooch


The Inspiration Behind The Mystic

Just as in its name, The Mystic is a MUST classy yet simple accessory that you must have to add to your collection. From the eye of jewelers, we have indulged our imagination in creating the most attractive brooch collection that could symbolize the memorable 2020 and a great fresh start to the unknown 2021.


The Mystical Shape

As the idiom goes, we do challenge our creative Wirdora team to make attempt to square the circle and present it in the best possible form. As we browse the various range of Stones, we instantly fell in love with the Cushion Cut Fancy Stone. The unique structure and the brilliant array of colors produced when it interacts with the lights are undoubtedly esoteric. Made of “Advanced Crystal”, the Cushion Cut Fancy Stone is one of its types and definitely a world-class gem-inspired cut.


Wirdora Mystic Light Topaz Shimmer

The square shape of the bling-bling symbolises honesty, solidity, and stability. It reflects rational, practical, and conformity of one’s mind that portrays firmness and strength of its wearer.


Wirdora Mystic Scarlet

The Mystical Colours

Selecting the best colours for the beloved Wirdora Lovers, our best top-six colour selections for The Mystic are carefully chosen to reflect its characters. For those who want to send a statement in styling, The Mystic Scarlet or The Mystic Aquamarine should be selected as the options. While The Mystic Luminous Green would be a safer option, dashing your hijab with The Mystic Light Colorado Topaz and The Mystic Light Topaz Shimmer will do no harm but you might be mentally prepared by those envious onlookers admiring them while you donning them.

As for me, my personal favourite would be The Mystic Paradise Shine, which surely will make me elated and give me a sense of strength wearing it. But, on second thoughts, I might consider the scarlet, and luminous green too. And the light colorado topaz and the light topaz shimmer too. Oops! I know, all the colours are unbelievably awesome!


Wirdora Mystic Brooch Malaysia


Fashioning The Mystic

As we gather the exquisite crystal and pick the perfect hues, the touch of the white gold plating will make everyone marvel and agree that there’s something about The Mystic. Furthermore, the sharp, stainless steel pins used in every Wirdora pins and brooches which are anti-rust and surely won’t damage your hijab, are more reasons for you not to delay purchasing The Mystic today!

With the 12x12mm petite size that fits perfectly on the beautiful hijab of yours, and at an introductory price of RM35 per piece, Wirdora guarantees The Mystic will live it its name being the miraculous magical collection of your to start off the promising 2021.

Stay in touch with your favourite Wirdora Warriors and do follow us on our social media channel, Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/wirdoraofficial/), facebook (https://www.facebook.com/wirdora) or visit our https://wirdora-hq.myshopify.com/collections/hijab-accessories-1/products/mystic-brooch for details of the product range.










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