Wirdora Circle Pin - Essential Hijab Styling

The most basic hijab styling requires the use of at least one Wirdora Circle pin to keep the hijab in place. Keeping the hijab neatly in place is essential for the comfort of the hijab wearer. Not only that, a hijab securely in place ensures that the wearer can freely go about her daily activity. When it comes to the essentials of hijab styling, Wirdora has your most basic need covered. Meet the Wirdora Circle Pin. Comes in 30 colors to suit your style, needs and mood. The Wirdora Circle Pin comes in a range of tones for each color of the rainbow. Not only that, The Wirdora Circle Pin features some neutrals in muted colors such as grey and crystal. It is not a wonder why many people choose to buy the entire range of the circle pins.  The Wirdora Circle Pin is designed at the perfect length, proportionate to the size of the head. This ensures your hijab stays where it’s supposed to be when pinned on the side of the head. The Wirdora Circle Pin is made of stainless steel to make sure your pin is sturdy enough and is anti-rust. Both features allow your Wirdora Circle Pin to last for a long time in your collection.


As a brand that understands the needs of hijab wearers, Wirdora designed their Circle Pins with high standards of sharpness. Often described as “needle-sharp”, Wirdora Circle Pins will not leave a prick mark nor snag your hijab cloth. This is one of the reasons Wirdora hijab jewelry is the preferred choice to be paired with premium hijabs in the market.  The Wirdora Circle Pin comes with a laser logo at the back of the Circle Pin. This is to ensure that your purchase is of original Wirdora product that adheres to its high quality. Not only that, the Wirdora Circle Pin is embellished with authentic crystals. As Wirdora is an Ingredient Brand Partner of crystal, each purchase should come with an authenticity seal tag. As a faithful companion, Wirdora excels in both substance and style. Its strong quality features carry a mandate to add sparkle and light to its wearer. Beautiful and high quality hijab jewelry from Wirdora exists to make your hijab styling quick, fuss-free and impactful. Check out the styling tips below on how to create impact with your Wirdora Circle Pins.


STYLE TIP 1: Build on Contrast Colors.

Styling creates a positive impact on the person, and Wirdora as a faithful companion will only bring out the best in its wearer. Try pairing your hijab with a Wirdora Circle Pin that is of contrasting color from the hijab. This way, the sparkle on the Wirdora Circle Pin will stand out and create light on the wearer. A subtle hint of sparkle exudes the confidence and assuredness of a self-made career lady.

STYLE TIP 2: Build on Similar Tones.

The finished look of a style manifests an effect. Notice how the use of pinkish shades create a romantic effect in such styling. Pairing your silky satin hijab with Wirdora Circle Pins in various shades of pink, to achieve your desired effect. Establish an impact using a few Wirdora Circle Pins of the same tone. You can never go wrong with your faithful companion, Wirdora. STYLE TIP 3: Build on Accent Colors. Do you ever wonder how some people look so polished, and you can’t quite copy their style? Take for example the dashing lady in the video below who smartly styled her dark silver hijab with Wirdora Circle Pin in Turquoise! Color pairing that would not have matched so well if it wasn’t for the accent colors from her dress. Style your hijab with Wirdora Color Pins to match the accent colors of your clothes for that effortless but glamorous look.

STYLE TIP 4: Build an Ombre Effect.

Creating an ombre effect using Wirdora Circle Pins is a fool-proof way to style your hijab. Individuality in style is personal and lends a certain feeling of self-satisfaction. Know that no one else can have the same personal style as you’re carrying. Wirdora hijab jewelry offers a huge range to allow you mix and match your personal collection. You may be wearing a simple pair of blue jeans with a white shirt and white hijab - but let the ombre effect using Wirdora Circle Pins punctuate your entire look! Wirdora Circle Pin Ombre Effect Now we would like to hear from you. Which color of the  crystals do you love the most? Is it your favorite color? Or, is it because the color is easy to match with your style? Let us know in the Comment section below. And while you are at that, let us know which color styling tips do you love the most? Let us know ‘why’, so that we can come up with more ‘how’ on the ways to use your Wirdora hijab jewelry as your faithful companion. That’s because us at Wirdora, we support you on your hijab styling and on bringing your best self forward! If you're looking for a Luxe version of the Wirdora Circle Pin, you might want to check out the Wirdora Rivoli Pin here.

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