Wirdora October Birthstone

Each month, Wirdora commemorates the month’s birthstone. Since the October birthstone is tourmaline, Wirdora celebrates  creation of the Light Rose stone. Pink crystals occur naturally as pink tourmaline. And tourmaline is sometimes mistaken for diamonds because of its absolute clarity. Wirdora uses certified authentic crystals for its hijab accessories embellishments which are man-made crystals.

Wirdora loves that Wirdora emulates such natural pink color through the creation of  crystals in Rose and Light Rose to resemble the October birthstone. The October birthstone is special because it is the universal color that signifies females. Besides that, the color pink are signs of love and compassion, represents the feminine glow, and self-love. Pink is the official color for little girls and represents the nurturing nature of motherhood. It is said that red represents passion but pink represents sweetness and charm. Other than that, the color pink can impact a person psychologically. Research has found that colors like pink evoke the feeling of joy, romance, and intimacy.

 Wirdora uses authentic certified crystals to embellish their hijab accessories. The use of high-quality materials, versatile designs, and strict quality checks on each product are the reason Wirdora hijab accessories are in high demand. Below we list our bestselling accessories available in Light Rose.

Inara Brooch

 The Wirdora Inara Brooch in Light Rose encapsulates the word ‘young’. Exquisite in design while bursting in color and shine, the Inara Brooch is for energetic and friendly career women. Use The Inara Brooch to keep your hijab in place or use two pieces to style as earrings. The Inara Brooch is definitely value-for-money for those looking for quality hijab accessories at a bargain price. A friendly tip when it comes to buying the Inara Brooch by Wirdora is to buy two of the same color for perfect styling, especially in your personal birthstone color.

Queen Heart Brooch

 They say love is like the wind. You can’t see it but you can definitely feel it. But with Wirdora Queen Heart Brooch, you would be able to ‘see’ love. Multiple facets of the Fancy Heart Stone by crystals ensures brilliant shine. The light play reflection might as well cast a love spell to its wearer. It’s easy to be accommodating and understanding when you don the universal color of love. But make no mistake, just like the high-quality Wirdora hijab accessory she is wearing, she is also particular about details when it comes to working standards. An accessory in her birthstone is a statement of her individuality.

Wirdora 3D Flower Brooch

Small little brooches to keep your hijab in place. The 3D Flower Brooch by Wirdora is collected in a myriad of colors to punctuate one’s look. This is because the 3D Flower Brooch evokes femininity and adolescents, especially in Light Rose. A simple 3D Flower Brooch can complete your look as polished, as its minimal design carries a punch of shine. Use the 3D Flower Brooch under your chin, or over your shoulder, or anywhere you need a little light. 

Wirdora Butterfly Brooch

Same as the 3D Flower Brooch, the Butterfly Brooch by Wirdora is a collection among many Wirdora Lovers. The Butterfly Brooch in Light Rose is definitely one of the best selling colors in this range. The beauty of the Butterfly Brooch is that it is suitable regardless of age or occasion. The Butterfly Brooch is versatile for say an evening or night of formal events. Pair this brooch with the Butterfly Large Pin for a lovely effect. Style yourself with your birthstone for a more personalized feel.


Miranda Scarf Ring in October Birthstone

The multi-use Miranda Scarf Ring looks good on the finger and also a functional ring to keep your hijab pleats in check. Wirdora uses quality materials 18K Rose Gold and decked in more than 100 chaton crystals. The Miranda Scarf Ring is a best-selling item among celebrities and VIPs for the elegance in its design. Be a lady boss in your own right with the Miranda Scarf Ring. Always have one in Light Rose to soften your look in the boardroom and for casual styling. 

Wirdora Libelle Brooch

The Libelle Brooch in Light Rose by Wirdora has the best match with the materials of the accessory, 18K Rose Gold. Playful yet full of grace, as in the movements of a dragonfly - the design of the Libelle Brooch is asymmetry yet reaches the natural balance needed for an attractive design. The Libelle Brooch is a favorite among non-hijabista who need a decorative brooch to don the lapel of their blazer or as a brooch to complete their baju kurung. Made especially for those born in October with their birthstone color in Rose. 

Papillon Scarf Buckle in October Birthstone

A Butterfly Fancy Stone with a line of chaton crystal on an 18K Rose Gold buckle gets the nod from every woman. Especially in Light Rose. This scarf buckle makes styling easy for hijabs and adds a hint of sparkle to accentuate your look. The versatility of the Papillon Scarf Buckle makes it a favorite among professional ladies as they can also use it for a classy casual look. So you can never be short of ideas for lovely gifts from Wirdora. A Wirdora hijab accessory in Light Rose is sure to bring a smile upon anybody’s face. Surprise your loved one on their birthday with beautiful hijab accessories by Wirdora according to their birthstone!

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