Wirdora Takes London Fashion Week 2020

Wirdora Takes London Fashion Week 2020

We’re excited for Wirdora. You’re excited for Wirdora. Everyone’s EXCITED for WIRDORA!!! Wirdora will be one of the brands featured in Pure London and an event during London Fashion Week. We’re humbled, yet excited to celebrate Wirdora’s presence at the Pure London. Wirdora’s vision of quality has reached the International market via an event during Pure London , all praise to God and the support Wirdora received from everyone. You must be wondering the coveted Wirdora items that will be on display. Yes, we have curated some Wirdora accessories especially during Pure londonn and an event during London Fashion Week to entice the International market. Luxurious accessories for non-hijab wearers such as earrings, pendants are air-flown to London to meet fellow fashion enthusiast. Not forgetting the growing market of modest fashion during London Fashion Week, with Wirdora’s range of brooches and pins. As always, Wirdora uses high quality precious metals for the material of its accessories, encrusted with genuine certified crystals. In fact, all Wirdora Luxe item is covered with ONE year of warranty. Wirdora wishes that all #WirdoraLovers and #WirdoraWarriors could be at London, so here’s a preview to the Wirdora items that will be on showcase there.

Libelle Brooch

The design of the Libelle Brooch takes inspiration from the agile dragonfly. The iridescent wings of a dragonfly is unmistakable on the multifaceted heart-cut  crystals on the Libelle brooch. Furthermore, the Libelle brooch is plated with 18K Rose Gold, lending a metallic sheen to emulate the naturally eye-catching colours of a dragonfly.

Rafflesia Brooch

 They say a flower doesn’t compete, it just blooms. The same can be said about the Rafflesia Brooch. Because the sparkles let the brooch speak for itself. Similar to the nonchalant, independent and non-competing nature of a self-assured woman. The Rafflesia Brooch is paved with certified crystals in one colour for clarity, or in multiple colours for the varying depths of sparkle.

Rossa Pendant

 The Rossa Pendant from Wirdora is a dual-tone pendant crystals encrusting the swirls, in a design that forms a coil around a classic round crystal. The Rossa Pendant is outstanding in its design because of its choice of colours, all finished with 18K Rose Gold plating.

Miranda Ring

 The Miranda Ring from Wirdora weighs a good 6.8 grams with 110 chaton crystals paving its ‘Infinite’ shape. We all know a ring that will slip under due to its weight, but not the Miranda ring. It holds well in place due to the even distribution of weight. The design of this eye candy creates the illusion of length to the fingers, while the line of sparkles ignite adoration and praises from others.

Zahra Ring

 The Zahra Ring from Wirdora is a bestseller due to the simplicity of the design. With chaton crystals paving 70% of the ring surface, light catches the Zahra Ring and reflects brilliance to its wearer. The Zahra Ring plating uses precious metals of 18K Rose Gold, a luxurious finishing to envelop the beauty of the Zahra Ring.

Izara Ring

 The Izara Ring from Wirdora takes your breath away with its outstanding design. Chaton crystals pore from every angle, creating luminosity and elegance for its wearer. The Izara Ring looks good all on its own, its structural design giving off hints of the one's artsy taste.

Elena Ring

 The Elena Ring from Wirdora takes your mind back to your recent beach holiday. The patterns that appear on the shore just as the ocean waves decide to turn back the tide. Let sparkl crystals remind you of your favourite moments, in style!

Hally Ring

 Simple and elegant is an understatement for the Hally Ring. The ombre effect of the certified crystals complements the curve of the Hally Ring, reflecting magnificence. The Hally ring is suitable for the office and also for a formal night out.

Lisa Ring

 The Lisa Ring is the ultimate party ring, dazzling in geometric cuts, paved in a selection of colours. The geometric cuts cluster the certified crystals into small geometry shapes, finely lined by the 18K Rose Gold plating. The Lisa Ring is for the bold fashionista or the quiet artist who's looking for inspiration.

Diana Earrings

 The Diana Earrings from Wirdora is perfect for fuss-free accessorising. Packs a punch of shine and sparkles within its minimal design, just the right dosage of sparkle to bring out the twinkle in your eyes. The Diana Earrings is simple, elegant with 18K Rose Gold plating.

Laura Earrings

 The Laura Earrings from Wirdora dances as you move. Light and airy movements of the original certified crystal mesh, bounces off light as you go about. The simple design of the Laura Earrings makes it a fun accessory that is easy to maintain.

Elara Earrings

 The Elara Earrings from Wirdora is an elegant and classy design for the ladies who love simple drop earrings. A single authentic teardrop crystal adorns the design and precious metals of Rhodium or 18K Rose Gold plating to finish. The Elara Earrings is perfect for the office during the day and a formal dinner at night.

Sofea Stud Earrings

 The Sofea Stud Earrings by Wirdora is for the fun, energetic ladies who love quality accessories. Original  crystals pave the entire spherical shape of the studs and 18K Rose Gold plating to finish the design. Style the Sofea Stud Earrings with your favourite boyfriend-jeans or styled with a pulled-up bun and a high collar laced shirt. Those are the nine items that will be air-flown to London by Wirdora to grace during London Fashion Week 2020! Now we would like to hear from you. Did we not feature your favourite item from Wirdora? Could you let us know what your favourite item from Wirdora is? Or, what is your favourite Wirdora item from our London showcase list above? Do you wish to see more of the rare Wirdora items for sale locally? We would like to know what you think. And while you’re at that, do let us know which Wirdora item you would like to see more tutorials on, #WirdoraLovers. That's because us at Wirdora, we are your stylist as well as your supporter!

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