Wirdora Your Faithful Companion

Wirdora, Your Faithful Companion

This story is inspired by how Wirdora, your faithful companion, helps ease women to adapt to the New Norm. As if the demand of a corporate job isn’t enough, women are expected to provide support for their children’s learning at home, keeping up with the household chores - everything! As your faithful companion, you can count on Wirdora for the most minimal fuss in styling.

We might as well survive on Dalgona coffee.

On my third cup of Dalgona coffee, the time showed 3.20 pm. I got up from my dining table, which had turned into my workstation since MCO came into effect. The house in its usual state of mess, but I kinda know where to find everything I need. I admit, though, that I’m in an exasperated state. I walk towards my son’s room. “Your Zoom class is 10 minutes. You better make sure all your books for the subject are ready, your pencil sharpened, your eraser ready, the power bank charged, and relief yourself now. No bathroom breaks when class is in session.” I stood by the door with my arms akimbo. As I had expected, my six-year-old was absorbed with his Lego. Deep inside me, I’m aware that he is learning something through play. On the other hand, his Zoom class is a must to ensure he is not left out at kindie due to the pandemic, especially since he will be starting Year One next year. I glance at the phone in my hand to see if his teacher had sent the link for the Zoom call.

Whatsapp is a ping-pong game!

On the same glance, I saw a Whatsapp text from my colleague and boss. Both were asking about the meeting at 3.30 pm. I wrote back to my boss that I have sent the talking points to him at 3.00 pm. And replied to my colleague that I can’t miss the meeting with my boss at 3.30 pm, so I can’t have a short call with her right now. When I look up, my son was still into his Lego project. His eyes and hands were still engaged in whatever he was building. I felt desperate, and I began clearing his study table hurriedly. In quick motions, I placed a sharpened pencil, eraser, a power bank, and his tablet on his study table. I plopped him on his seat and clicked on the Zoom link to connect to his Zoom class. In a flash, I was at my laptop. 3.27 pm, three minutes for me to get ready for this important meeting. All the details have been included in the Powerpoint slides I worked on last night. My boss and I have been in constant contact to make sure we perfect our pitch to convince our prospective customers. It is really important that we secure this client to ensure the revenue stream of our department is stable, even as we go through the coronavirus pandemic.

Wirdora hijab jewelry, my savior!

Wirdora Hijab Jewelry 80% Impact 20% Effort I grabbed my satin shawl from the chair behind me. Wrinkled, no problem. I tied the shawl at the back of my head, strategically positioning the non-wrinkly part facing the front. Then I slipped a scarf ring by Wirdora into one end of the shawl and threw it behind my shoulder. I secured the other end on the other shoulder with a Wirdora pin. Super sharp and easy to clasp. Then I used two simple circle pins to keep the top of my hijab in place. And I clicked on the Zoom link. There I was, all ready and styled in an important Zoom call with my boss and prospective customers. Not that the way I look had anything to do with the outcome of the meeting. But looking presentable is the forefront to establish trust. Looking as polished as our presentation slides and pitch is important to convey the non-verbal respect we have for our prospective customer’s time with our preparedness. While responding to a question with a pitch that I had rehearsed many times in my head since morning, I overheard my son’s voice from his room. Alhamdulillah, he’s on his Zoom class and is learning as well. I thank Allah for granting me with the means to provide for my son, although at times I feel that I don’t do enough as a mother. It is my wish to see my son excel in life and I always pray to God for continuous sustenance for me to support his dreams and ambitions.

School teachers are heaven-sent!

Wirdora Sweet Heart Brooch Since the MCO, I have been working from home. I am still learning to adapt to the New Norm as I am also required to supervise my child’s learning. At times like this, I have the utmost respect for teachers. I only have one child to look after, to check his work and comprehension. Whereas teachers have sometimes up to 40 students in one class. Only when you’re in one’s shoes would you experience empathy. My husband’s work requires him to be at the office on alternate days. And today is one of the days that I have an important meeting while he’s not at home. I had prayed for this day to go well in almost every prayer leading up to this meeting. I have put in so much effort to win this customer. And now, this meeting is finally happening and I must give it my best.

They said YES!

Feeling overwhelmed with joy, I thank our new customers. The corner of my eye caught the sight of my son, holding a pencil and a paper. “Mama, can you help me draw a turtle?” I smiled and traced the paper with the pencil in his hand. This small guy has no idea how much he means to me! Miranda Light Amethyst I was slipping out the Miranda Scarf Ring from my shawl when I realized something. The Wirdora hijab jewelry I wore held my hijab in place throughout the meeting. And it took me less than two minutes to be Zoom-ready. It’s no wonder why I’ve always trusted Wirdora to bring my best self forward. Especially for important meetings. Just like a supportive friend, their tagline is true indeed - Wirdora, Your Faithful Companion. According to an article in The World Economic Forum, there should be a broad consensus among organizations to provide psychological care during and after a disaster. Us at Wirdora hope you know that Wirdora is aware and could relate well to your current state as we fight the coronavirus together by staying at home. You may learn more about the psychological impact of quarantine here and on the ways to reduce it. As your faithful companion, Wirdora is ready to support your styling and psychological needs through such hard times, so you can bring your best self forward!

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