About Wirdora

Wirdora™ is a leading hijab accessories brand in Malaysia, using genuine Swarovski crystals imported from Austria. Founded by Wirdalina Tauhed in 2016 under Amishary Sdn Bhd, Wirdora offers a wide range of affordable design collections to complement premium hijab brands in the market.


To become a market leader in the fashion jewelry industry specializing in the Muslim fashion niche through simple yet modest design selection.


To cater the urban hijabista lifestyle market with standard and premium fashion jewelry, modest yet contemporary design through consistent and reliable service at an affordable price.


Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner

As a Certified Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner, Wirdora upholds the high international standard of premium jewelry, handcrafted using premium metals for the best finishing and quality. The following is the certificate of Ingredient Branding Partner.

Wirdora is one of Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner to use the exclusive Swarovski feature – the Swarovski Seal. Our products are marked with the Swarovski Seal as a guarantee that the crystals are original and manufactured by Swarovski. Check the authenticity of Wirdora products at the official Swarovski website: www.crystals-from-swarovski.com.

100% Guarantee

The Swarovski seal enables the customer to verify the originality of Wirdora crystals.

Uncompromising Quality

Quality is of the utmost importance when choosing crystal products. In our production of accessories, we use original Swarovski crystals that are highly distinguished by their appearance, uniqueness, high-precision cut, exceptional glimmer, and sustainability. As an official Swarovski partner, we offer our customers crystals from an extremely wide range of colors, shapes and sizes that are guaranteed of the highest quality crystals.

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