With Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2020 just two weeks away, we can’t help but wonder about Wirdora Raya 2020 PKP-Style. If anything is true about PKP (Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan) due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is that humans are required to be creative. This applies to how we work, how we live, and that includes how we build ‘contactless’ connections. For inspiration, we took a look inside our brand. Little did we know that Wirdora’s design philosophy is a cornerstone for Wirdora Raya 2020 PKP-Style.


Wirdora Quality

According to the classic best-seller book, ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’, we ought to train ourselves with the discipline of purchasing quality. Although this book was written in the 1950s, it had cautioned against the habit of purchasing attires only for its attractive price.

Wirdora is known for its high-quality materials that don’t snag at your hijab fabric. Moreover, the authentic Swarovski embellishments that accompany each Wirdora hijab jewelry carry its own authenticity code. As a Swarovski Ingredient Branding Partner, Wirdora upholds the International standard of quality.

The quality Wirdora hijab jewelry comes together with a warranty to protect your purchase. Dr David J. Schwartz was right when he said in his book, “Pay twice as much, buy half as many.” In the long run, paying for quality is always a better investment.


Wirdora Zahra

The genius behind the design of each Wirdora hijab jewelry is the ingenuity of its R&D team. In creating masterpieces that are versatile, Wirdora hijab jewelry can be styled in many ways. Wirdora, as experts in hijab styling, provides tutorials to help #WirdoraLovers to make the best use of their purchases. The variety of styles it offers lowers the cost per wear. That said, the impact of elegant styling – priceless!

If versatility in styling is not enough, Wirdora hijab jewelry is also multipurpose. Take the Zahra ring for example, it can also be worn as a fashion ring and also a scarf ring. Making purchasing decisions that help elevate yourself in terms of confidence and charisma, commands the self-sufficient lady to think for the long term.

Having versatility at the forefront of our hijab jewelry design, enables us to serve #WirdoraLovers better. It is our honor when you choose to style your hijab with Wirdora hijab jewelry. We do our best as Wirdora, your faithful companion.


Wirdora Roda Warna

At Wirdora, we know that it is not enough to simply be pretty and mesmerizing. We know that we need to also be able to serve and be practical in solving problems. Wirdora lives and breathes for the career women who need, not only style but also substance. ‘Beauty with brains’ is an expression translated through Wirdora’s hijab jewelry design.

Take the most basic of Wirdora hijab jewelry, the Circle Pin. The design is not only meant to punctuate your style with some light and sparkle. That’s because the design philosophy adds practicality with the exact length of the pin, the material used for the pin, and also the sharpness of the pin. The design of a simple hijab pin solves a big problem of hijab wearers in keeping their hijab style in place.

In being practical, Wirdora uses high-quality materials that are anti-rust and anti-allergy where needed. The use of 18K Rose Gold in the Wirdora Luxe range adds weight and glamor, without the added cost and fuss of yellow gold. “Design adds value more than it adds cost,” encapsulates Wirdora’s design philosophy the best.



Hands down, Wirdora hijab jewelry is as reliable as having a supportive friend. You may wear the simplest outfit and look your best when you attract light with your Wirdora hijab jewelry. The same can be said when you don an outfit repeatedly and style yourself creatively with the versatile Wirdora hijab jewelry. In the same breath, you can wear a vintage baju kurung that used to belong to your grandmother and let Wirdora hijab jewelry up your game. You may read some styling tips here.

Furthermore, the warranty Wirdora provides shows the reliability of the brand in taking care of their customers. You may send your hijab jewelry for repair to us because we want to ensure your purchase from us continues to serve you in its best form.

Less IS More

Wirdora Hijab

Don’t leave your style to chance just because of PKP. You can rely on Wirdora hijab jewelry to look and feel your best for Raya 2020, PKP-Style. Our high-quality hijab jewelry is versatile, practical, and also reliable. The same can be said about our recent best-selling hijab friendly face mask. At Wirdora, we care about your confidence to bring your best self forward, even through such trying times.

We hope you stay safe at home and not let PKP dampen your Raya spirit. Wirdora shall continue to serve you as your faithful companion even when times are bad. We shall get through this together. Wirdora’s quality, versatility, and practicality support you that less is more through our designs.

Now we would like to hear from you. Have you used Wirdora brooches to secure your face mask behind your head because you can’t find hijab-friendly face masks? Have you wished there would be face masks that are stylish for people with low risk? Tell us your concerns with PKP and how you wish to adapt to the new norms – in style!