Wirdora Face Mask VIP

Introducing Wirdora’s face mask, hijab-friendly, and embellished with  crystals in one of its kind designs! The COVID-19 pandemic has dampened our 2020 and we might as well learn to live with it. One of the ways to do that is to ensure we wear a mask when in public.

The face masks by Wirdora are adorned with crystals and includes a pocket for filter inserts. Wirdora takes into account the safety and style of its wearers. Capitalizing on Wirdora’s knowledge in the hijabista niche, these face masks are designed to be easy to put on and taken off. Besides that, the stretchable material ensures a comfortable fit for every face shape. Whether it is worn underneath the hijab, or over the hijab. Wirdora Face Masks is comfortable and safe to use in public spaces.

 After many batches of sold-out face mask, Wirdora introduces its own face masks - hijab-friendly and embellished with crystals. But this time, in designs that are unique and one of its kind. As our motto goes, ‘Wirdora Your Faithful Companion.’ Let Wirdora keep you safe on your big day with our embellished face masks!

There are four (4) types of Wirdora VIP Face Mask as below:

Face Mask VIP-100: Flower motif crystal embellishment.
Face Mask VIP-150: Geometric line motif crystals embellishment.
Face Mask VIP Butterfly: Butterfly motif crystals embellishment.
Face Mask VIP Jasmine: Jasmine flower motif crystals embellishment.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have put SOPs into our lives. But that doesn’t mean that the SOPs should stop us from living life. These face masks by Wirdora are adorned with crystals and using materials especially created for hijabi. Such specially made face masks are designed to be convenient and safe for hijab wearers.

 Capitalizing on Wirdora’s knowledge in the hijabista niche, these face masks' design ensures they're easy to put on and taken off. Besides that, the stretchable material ensures a comfortable fit for every face shape. Whether you wear it underneath the hijab, or over the hijab. Wirdora has you covered!

Wirdora Face Masks Made for Hijabi

The optimal amount of stretch lends flexibility to the face mask to cover the contours of the face comfortably. The tie-on feature of the face masks allows the wearer to adjust the fit around the face. This also reduces any risk of gap opening as the face mask is snug on the face. As these face masks are washable, so are the nanofilter inserts by Wirdora. In fact, the nanofilter inserts are FDA approved to be as good as 3M Mask for hospital use. This is the perfect hijab-friendly face masks for your big day such as your akad nikah, graduation, or even for you to don before leaving for the hospital to deliver your baby. Such pictures are meaningful and we would treasure them for a lifetime! So make sure you have a Wirdora Face Mask VIP with you on that day.

 As more people protect themselves with reusable face masks, easy identification for one's own face mask is important. It is crucial that face masks are for individual use and to wash after every use. Other than that, it is important to not leave a used face mask out in the open. Put the reusable face mask in the wash immediately after use. And dispose of nonreusable face mask in the bin after use. Keeping a good standard of hygiene is the only way to break the coronavirus chain.

Face Masks That Keep You Safe and Stylish

That said, with the use of fabric masks as an accessory that is apt for careful consideration when styling our clothes. The Wirdora Face Mask VIP with authentic crystals and pearls to adorn you on your special day. Wirdora makes sure your accessories are hijab friendly with the design of the mask and makes sure your accessories let you sparkle your best. Indeed the highlight feature of these hijab-friendly face masks is the crystals embellishments. Wirdora has proudly crafted four types of designs, with two designs having up to three options of crystals embellishments. These VIP Face Masks also come in various colors for you to choose from.


All four types of Wirdora Face Mask VIP serves to cater to different #WirdoraLover occasions and also for different styling purposes. Assume that Wirdora has your glamor needs covered, no matter your situation. As our motto goes, Wirdora your faithful companion.

Learning To Live with The Pandemic

As we slowly assimilate with our ‘new normal’, a hijab-friendly face mask might be one of the best investments we need to make to lessen our risk with the pandemic. Wirdora has put in a lot of effort into R&D on the design and material used. As always, Wirdora aims to serve with the best for #WirdoraLovers, even during a pandemic. More importantly, Wirdora has put a lot of thought into the distress of hijab wearers when a face-mask is mandatory. May we get more used to washing our hands more often, practicing social distancing, and wearing a face mask when required to leave the house. But may we not forget to carry ourselves with the confidence and elegance, as a Wirdora lady. Get your sparkle on with our washable Wirdora hijab-friendly face masks to complete your look. Just look at this VIP Face Mask code Jasmine, inspired by our effortless styling.

Wirdora Face Mask VIP Jasmine

Now we are curious to hear from you. Are you excited that Wirdora has created a range of super-specialized embellished face masks for hijabis? Put up your hands! Us at Wirdora, we would love to know what you think about our latest release. You may also watch our hijab tutorial and styling using Wirdora face mask here to learn more. Until then, stay safe, stay at home, and don a Wirdora hijab-friendly face mask as your faithful companion if you need to leave the house. Wirdora has you covered!

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